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Ingame Server List Is empty

UPDATE: This is a old post and this problem is now fixed, please read the latest posts.

Today the FEAR Server List has been showing empty, we think this is a server problem but wwe hope It gets fixed soon. If not, we are ready to take some action about It, but we will wait some more.

Meanwhile, If you have xfire, you can join by your ingame favourites or recent servers.

UPDATE: GameSpy is closing support for several games, so we could be there too. We are still waiting for a official version.

Meanwhile check the FEAR launcher hotfix, this should let you play without problems, we are working hard on fix all the issues this is causing.

Server Admins: Do not restart your server.

Learn from the most well-known FEAR player, HappyStick

People that have been around for a long time know FEAR is an extremely complex game with many different aspects and levels to master. HappyStick, a FEAR veteran that has been around for many years has written a very detailed article about its’ framework and all the things you need to take your game to the next level, whatever your level may be. This article consists of very basic things up to very advanced concepts. Its’ goal is to help you look at FEAR from a new perspective, and give an explanation of all the things that make this game so unique and complex on so many levels. In the future he’ll be doing more articles on this blog as well, talking about more specific topics.

It’s a long read, but take your time, as it’s definitely worth it!

Link: http://newfearcombat.blogspot.ca/p/fear-101.html

FEAR Combat 1.08 Full Installer

We are happy to announce the availability of the new FEAR Combat 1.08 full Installer.

What Is It?

Is a installer that lets you get the latest version of FEAR without extra patches, in a single file.

Why do I need It?

If you have already the game installed, you don’t need It. If you want to start playing, this is the best choice, because you won’t need extra patches or updates, It will install the 1.08 version.

Also If you got a new SEC2 FEAR CDKey, this will be perfect for you, because unlike the old installers, It won’t ask for a old CDKey on install.

Once you complete the setup, you can add your  key.

How do I use It?

Download, run, next, next, next.

Need some guide? Check this detailed Setup guide at RAW Recruits Site.

Where do I get It?

In our downloads section.

Additional notes:

Includes the CDKey  updater tool.

Filesize is 1.68 GB (If possible use download managers).

FEAR Combat Key Updater Tool

The tool that lets you update your cd-key from outside FEAR is ready for download.

As you may have already noticed, the new FEAR cd-keys are not the same size as the old ones, meaning that they can not be updated from within FEAR.

To help you on this, we created a tool that will make this process easy.

You can find it in the downloads section.

Extra help on updating your key, with the tool or manually, can be found In the help section.

If you need any extra assistance with updating your key, please make a post in this forum: