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Round 2 RATS vs. FTL

Rush and Agressive Team – RATS vs. For The Lulz – FTL


RATS had the early advantage, with what almost looked like an all out attack. While FTL happily soaked up their attacks with a strong defence consisting of an aggressive outer base defence with one top and the other bottom!

Around the half way mark FTL started to be the dominant team and thus pushing RATS to defend deep on their flag losing out on vital supplies of Med Kits and Armour, but they held strong for the most part! A few times a RAT player managed to slip through FTL’s siege to touch the flag which was always short lived as with no back up and quick team work by FTL they were quickly shot down!

By nice cover of all the FTL team CCCP managed to capture the flag with 1:44 left on the clock. I defiantly was seeing this going to sudden death! (more…)