SEC2 Win32 Beta 2 is now available

Please contact =MXT=Fred.cpp or [eAu]Phreeze to obtain a copy of the latest version for testing. We will also be contacting those people who had already requested Beta 1 to provide you the updated version.


2.0 Beta2 (2012-04-02):
Added: cmd_tempbanuser, cmd_untempbanuser commands
Added: Botz3000 64 player addon
Changed: Display “bans successfully flushed to disk” message in logs
Fixed: IP bans displayed as chinese characters in Windows build
Fixed: CMD commands not working from Windows dedicated server console
Fixed: EOL character for IP and User ban txt files in Windows build
Fixed: crash bug when using cmd_unbanip command

2.0 Beta1 (2012-03-25):
Initial release

Note: The Linux build should also be ready very soon.

Updated: May 3, 2012 — 4:56 pm

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