Round 2 RATS vs. FTL

Rush and Agressive Team – RATS vs. For The Lulz – FTL


RATS had the early advantage, with what almost looked like an all out attack. While FTL happily soaked up their attacks with a strong defence consisting of an aggressive outer base defence with one top and the other bottom!

Around the half way mark FTL started to be the dominant team and thus pushing RATS to defend deep on their flag losing out on vital supplies of Med Kits and Armour, but they held strong for the most part! A few times a RAT player managed to slip through FTL’s siege to touch the flag which was always short lived as with no back up and quick team work by FTL they were quickly shot down!

By nice cover of all the FTL team CCCP managed to capture the flag with 1:44 left on the clock. I defiantly was seeing this going to sudden death!
Facility ended 1-0 to FTL!

[sorry for the music instead of sound, was on ts and forgot!]


This has to be my favourite map playing as an Attacker, with so many routes to choose from it is a nightmare for the defending team and stale mates; it never disappoints with flag counts!

With a win under their belts FTL started off really strong getting the early flag at 10:38 thanks to RiP and some overall sound team work as he caps without a death to his name!

The map was all FTL with RATS occasionally slipping through to touch the flag, but FTL capture their second flag at 6:19 by RiP again with some exceptional team work which led him to two flag, eight kills and zero death!

FTL had been still been pushing for their third to kill the game off, I had been hoping to see RiP get his hat-trick of caps with zero death but unfortunately one of the RATS players got the better of him, but he was still looking for his hat-trick and with some luck he managed to cap his third at 00:36!

Labs ended with a 3-0 to FTL!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSorry no video, stupidly messed up my version. sorry again!

FTL beat RATS over two maps consisting of a total of 4 flags! Not the highest scoring match of the cup that is for sure but you never know what you are going to get with Facility!

My man of the match is our hat-trick hero RiP with his performance on Labs!


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  1. wow, nice work on that report Matt!

    Thanks for spectating the match.

    ggs :>>>

  2. gg and Awesome report as usual, loving It ^_^

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