New TDM Server: =E.U.R.O.P.E.=

EUROPE_v3We are helping promote this new Stock – TDM – Europe located Server for the community.

We will be trying to keep some activity level in order to make It easier for people to find a friendly server to join at any time. Currently the admins ingame are people from several clans, and we are looking for other experienced and respected players to help on this task. Unlike other servers, this is not run by a single clan, but for everybody who wants to get involved.

How can you contribute? It’s really easy:

1 – Playing!

2 – Reporting issues, making suggestions

3 – Enrolling as Server admin. Eligible players are those who are active, well known, experienced and respected players.

4 – Sharing the fun with friends and clans.

Current players limit is 24, but that turned out to be too much people for some maps, so we may adjust these settings in the future, based in your feedback.

This server is already ranked 4th in GameTracker.


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