New Installer coming

This weekend We will complete a new installer that will allow you to get FEAR Combat 1.08 in a single file, and support for new keys from install and easy FEAR CDKey Editor.

This Installer will support several languages, starting with English and Spanish, but other will be added soon. And the best Is you can have several languages installed simultaneously.

Initial release date is scheduled for this weekend, the extra languages will be added as soon as I can get the localization files, this can take more days but I hope is 1 or 2 weeks at much.

I want to say thanks for the huge support to the existing players, and the new ones, please be patient as we are working as much as we can to offer you a good gaming experience!


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  1. I can’t wait.This ought to resolve some issues in the complaints department.XD

  2. Yeah it sounds very good, to complete the download site we link directly to the install files in right languages. it make it for clients very simple, just download and install to add all [SEC2] servers. good work Fredd 🙂

  3. It’s taking a bit longer than expected, mainly because can’t find some of the languages that are really small and should be included with the Installer, If I can’t get the files on these days I’ll release with the ones I have and add the rest later.

  4. current installer size: 1.3GB ^_^ still downloading French version to extract required files…

  5. 1.3 GB total size of the full installer?
    you meen the french version you downloading from my site?

    are the files useful to add them to the installer?

  6. they are, but I need to install every language to extract 2 files, OR get someone send me the files ^_^
    I have:

    I need:
    For those languages containing only text translation, the filesize is very small, less than 10 MB.
    for those with voice translation, filesize is about 150MB.
    Without voice translations the installer is only 1.3 GB, so I think I can get all voice translations and check If the filesize is smaller than 1.8 GB and include all.

    I want to include all text translation languages in the installer, since they won’t make the file that big.
    The files I need are:

  7. Just got Czech ^_^
    Can’t get German!
    Still need to dowload Italian and russian ( Downloading French ).

  8. FEARL_8.Arch00 is present in the german 1.07 to 1.08 update, but not FEARL_7.Arch00.

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