Fear Combat blacklisted cd-key?

The latest SEC2 Includes a feature, that blacklisted Several publicly available keys.

Most of these keys come from Hacks, and they are used usually by hackers or players that didn’t register in the old fear-combat site or fear-community.org, and got their key when there were no ther way to get a Key.

Why Blacklist these keys?

In the past, when fear site stopped giving away new keys the only way to get one was search in public site. This worked for some time, but with the availability of several undetected hacks this became a strong problem to actually keep hackers out, since there were a lot of CDKeys they could use (And some hacks include a big list of CDKeys to use while hacking, usually more than 100).

If you got a key from a public site, maybe your Key is already Blacklisted.

What do I do now?

If you registered in the old site, have a original Game or got somehow a original old key, you don’t need to do anything, you can keep using your CDKey.

Got Blacklisted? All you need to do Is register / login to get a new CDKey. SEC2 CDKeys won’t get blacklisted EXCEPT you get a global ban, but that’s not happening except you hack over and over and get banned in several servers. We are working in a way to allow server admins to share info about 100% confirmed hackers.