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  1. Some maintenance is scheduled for today in the master server. the server list won’t work for a couple hours. Please be patient, you will know when It’s back ^_^

  2. Update: server list is back up. you may need to flush your DNS cache to see it (i.e. ipconfig /flushdns)

  3. BTW, this is just a saved copy of the serverlist, so the information may be out of date until sometime later today

  4. Maybe we need to post some update in the fronpage so people knows about It ^_^

  5. In case you were wondering, yeah, we are doing some updates in the site ^_^

  6. Just finished deleting spam accounts; there were some :O

  7. Is there a place I can find the mpcustomizations.txt in its entirety?

  8. this is the stock MPCustomizations.txt file: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=zpgtTi6W

  9. Any ideas for playing coop? (like using the coop warfare)…tried to create a dedicated server with the coop maps, but didn’t worked

  10. try VIP Coop server; Is It running @bolt?

  11. VIP COOP is not running at the moment.
    I would be more that happy to help Dragonition with setting up his server.
    just email me and I will help.

  12. Hi,Why |TGS|MASSACRE is not on master server list?

  13. @Dragonition add me on xfire retry2 , we can play together in coop )

  14. COOP VIP is up and running.

  15. I think we could try to help more people to play coop If you keep VIP Coop up. Also Ultraviolet coop was up some time ago, but I Don’t know If they are running It. So far I liked more VIP experience, but that’s just me.
    P.S. @Frazzle, @Dankos has a couple new coop maps, you may be interested ^_^

  16. @ciccio as was commented a couple days ago, due to the master server update, some dns may be outdated. restarting the server should fix It. If not, let us know so we can check what’s going on!

  17. Thanks, i will test that later 🙂 and post the results here

  18. Dragonition:
    I sent you a private message.
    Check it out for help with your server.

  19. On VIP COOP settings are stock, unlike VIP UNIQUE.

  20. I saw the messages, thanks for that info, i’ll test today and see if it works

  21. Work fredy.Tnx again

  22. it worked 😀 but i dont know which maps are for coop (and add it to the server options) is there any list?

  23. Dragonition,
    I sent you the map names.

  24. Add those maps to server options,empty your additional content folder and you are good to go.
    additional content folder

  25. thanks again!

  26. My pleasure.

  27. and other thing, it’s possible to add new player models? (modifying the arch files)

  28. Yes that can be done. You need a skins file which is put in the main Fear folder and in Default. I will PM you

  29. excelent! 🙂

  30. well, i’ll check the MP tomorrow, need to study and sleep

    thanks for everything!

  31. Just signed up, how do you launch a server? The server list is obviously empty and I can’t find a way to launch them on the site…

  32. This is a common question, so I made a extra page of the help section.
    Still needs work, but It has the repply to your question.

  33. does any one know how to put new maps on the servers can anyone help me please

  34. any one know help 🙁 can someone tell me how to get new maps on a sever

  35. Copy the map files to the custom/additionalContent folder!

  36. Cprime: Make sure the map isn’t blocked. Right click on it, properties and uncheck blocked, apply, OK.

  37. compressed arch?

  38. You need to use the uncompressed Arch files for the server; you can use the compressed ones for the redirect

  39. i dont have a uncompressed am i am suppose to get a downlaod

  40. or is it the maps that need to be uncompressed

  41. so like get the uncompressed map and drop it in the compressed folder?

  42. but were do i find uncompressed FIle

  43. The files you download are all uncompressed If they are .Arch00 extension. And you must copy that file to the custom/AdditionalContent folder. The compressed versions are created automatically by the server when you run It, you don’t need to create those.

  44. I made a special section for this in the help page for running a server: http://fear-community.org/help/host-a-server/

  45. thank you fred so much man it work thank u !!!!! i love U 😀

  46. it really help i thank u 😉

  47. i got banned in mrsa server slowmo pls unban

  48. there’s no contact info for the MRSA Admins. We at fear-community can’t help you there.

  49. fred i heard about a fear resurrection game do you know anything about it ? i don’t get it

  50. i heard it was fan made on youtube

  51. is really amazing what you guys can do to an old 2006 game you guys should create your own game one day xd its very amazing nice job 😀

  52. The main reason to stay with the original version as much as possible Is to keep compatibility; we may make big changes in the future If the situation is good enough ^_^

  53. fred how can you add gun sounds to server and etc sounds? can you help me with this one please

  54. and skins to the server

  55. and banners to the server?

  56. All this is made with a Custom server mod. For this you need the FEAR SDK (To build the mod).

  57. were do i get fear sdk

  58. i have the skins and gun sounds but i need to how to put them in the server

  59. i have public tools is SDK located their?

  60. or do i have to download it ?

  61. i found SDK in the public tools folder so do i like drag and drop the gun sounds there?

  62. no, It’s far more complex than that… you may need to spend several hours learning the process. Youtube has good tutorials on this. but be warned, It’s not a drag and run process…

  63. what should i search on youtube to show me

  64. i tryed to search how to do it i could’nt find know videos can you tell me please fred

  65. 8 shots? Are you serious? Only 8 asp shots? U r killing me! 😀 Why not 4? Is it because 4 is a fatal number in Japan? Let it be 16 at least.

  66. @=MXT=Fred.cpp Sorry. But that forum is dead. And it is written there that it is not officially supported 🙂

  67. The official contact methods are xfire and facebook; so basically that’s better than here. I mean, yeah I check this as much as I can, but this site is about FEAR in general, not MXT 😛 and I think you already know why make that division clear is important u.u

  68. fred I was on your server and I heard these new commands was it only on your server or how can I say them do you know? or is it only your server if u know can you tell me

  69. i never heard them before

  70. FRED umm my server want pop up in the game I open the server and I don’t see it can you help please if you got time

  71. hey Cprime. I updated the Hosting a serer help section and Included what to do If you can’t see your server, check It here:
    If It doesn’t help, try creating a topic in the forums so we can discuss what’s going on ^_^

  72. fred my server ownly works on lan help please

  73. not whit the regular servers

  74. the server is only going to lAN Idk y I put LAN NO and it still go to LAN go any iDEAS?

  75. forget it FRED ^__ ^ ijusst found my router was landline that’s y my server went to land line thanks any 🙂
    thanks again 😀

  76. sorry for taking so long to repply 😛 Anyway looks like you sorted It out, good to know ^_^

  77. yea thanks any way 😀

  78. why login need 30 sec 1 minute to join in site?

  79. fred I like the new site update ^ __^

  80. Thanks @CPrime ^_^ @Gianni; not sure, I guess that happens sometimes while browsing.

  81. fred what screen recorder do u use?

  82. For desktop I use CamStudio, for ingame I use mosty xfire, but when I want smooth video I end up using FRAPS.

  83. almost everytime when i push find servers, game freeze and often whole pc as well, what can be the problem?

  84. When you press the Find Servers button, the game connects to the master server to get the list of active servers. If your game freezes maybe Is because It loses packets; can be caused because unusually high ping, or network issuess.

  85. fred how do I put fear custom skins in to server

  86. does xfire lag when u record? fred

  87. fred: welll i hasve kinda stable connection/ping, i can browse favourite servers at least

  88. FRED I was watching one of your videos u r like a spy or something! u keep changing your name 🙂

  89. @zenut: hmm IT may be related to your AV not leting the game to connect to the master server? // @Cprime lol, I smurf a lot in my server; so I can monitor It and keep It clean 😛 About xfire, It doesn’t; I have mouse and keyboard PS2, not USB!

  90. fred how do u add cutom skins to server if u can help me get new maps you can help me get new skins 🙂

  91. and a site I can get a skins at

  92. All customizations (sounds, skins, textures, materials, fx and models) are added with custom content Arch00 files. Is the same process than the other tutorial. It may be a bit troublesome at first to do , but Is easy once you get used to It. ^_^

  93. fred: u were probably right, after i disabled norton is can find servers…thnx

  94. damn it seems i said it too soon, its still not working 🙁

  95. and i got new thing, map wont load,i am going to reinstall game

  96. @zenut hmm sounds like the game can’t connect to the server; is not a problem with the game. Let’s talk by private message to avoid overloading the wall.

  97. fred if i had the skins what folder should i add it too

  98. thanks were do i download archive edit

  99. o i found it thanks
    what site can i get skins and insignia’s

  100. were do i find skins folder make one?

  101. as I said, you need the FEAR Public Tools. It includes WorldEdit, ArchEdit, and related fear modding software. You still need software to edit images and all other filetypes.

  102. fred my maps are not working? when i go to maps in the game i dont see them there?

  103. What do you mean by “not working” ?

  104. well u see i donwload them then i put them in additional content folder i dont see it in the game for some reason?

  105. when i go to host and maps it’s not there

  106. still does not work can you tell me if i am doing something wrong probably i put the folder is some were else were does it need to be what folder probably the wrong folder

  107. FRED can you run me the process again how to get maps on the server please

  108. Sorry, was making some extra info for that topic. Try this please: http://wp.me/P2gUaf-1qn

  109. thank you fred I will try it

  110. thanks fred it works!

  111. nice ^_^

  112. your so helpful thank you ^ ___^

  113. AWWWW MORDA please warn us before updates please.. Half and I were kicking Gingy’ assssss big time 🙂 then boom the server crashed!please warn players in the future

  114. sorry Morda it was fred .. lol 🙂

  115. ok it was worth the interruption 🙂

  116. Lol yeah, sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer.

  117. I really like the rotation. I agree that kill house need repaired before reloading . To my pal Morda I am sorry for thinking you restarted the server but without Facebook communications im in the dark … please forgive me Morda bro .. lol 🙂

  118. fred whats the program that you use to maker server banner and were can I get it?

  119. for all my image editing needs I use GIMP

  120. do you know were can get it?

  121. WTF is wrong with My pic

  122. the cd key section is to short i dont see the last letter of the key

  123. It should be 19 characters long.

  124. so game is installed cd key work but the cd key doesnt work on sec2 servers whats going wrong please help.

  125. I sent you a private message.

  126. No, for some reason I can’t message you. Basically you need to triple click the CDKey to select It, and then copy It.
    Other option Is that I can change your password to log in to your account and get It ( I can’t see your password or CDKey, so I’d need to reset It). The problem Is I Can’t contact you for some reason, would you please use the contact form in the contact us link, in the top of the page?

  127. My name in FEAR is Waingro and for some reason i was banned from 2 servers of which one is named i7 SSD DM…is this sopmeone’s free will to do anything they please or is just me? yes me, who reacts if see someone behind the corner even if he’s talking or uses holster to run from players if he thinks that death is inevitable…i mean wtf??? please help ppl!

  128. @endorphin The short answer is that admins can do what they want. Should they ban people for an accidental chat kill? Obviously not but can they? Sure. Servers with unusual “etiquette” rules should post those rules in their Briefing Override screen. I warn and then ban for bad language and that’s my right – my server, my rules.

  129. It was actually a PICKUP_HACK false positive. I contacted Mistake and he got It sorted out, but I didn’t post a repply here. Anyway what you said Is true too 😛

  130. fred when I tryed to get on a server it is loading arch file then it stops and say error transferring MXT arch files for some reason can you help me

  131. did you enable redirect downloads? also, set maximum download size to unlimited (all this in client settings).

  132. how do unable redirect is it because I don’t have compressed folder when I reinstall fear?

  133. Compressed folder creates once you run a server with custom content.

  134. And you enabled the “allow downloads” option.

  135. it works now fred

  136. fred how do I install fear radio mod were do I put the Arch file at

  137. @cprime put it in the same directory as the game,edit the “Default.archcfg@ with notepad and add the name of the mod file to the end

  138. Im running windows 8, downloaded the original fear combat files from another site used my own old cd key from back in the day and it denied cd key I tried using this site’s cd key and it did not work. please help

  139. Thanks for the explanation @ant187 ^_^

  140. allow me.. @kyle u have 2 basic options here,use the patch or remove ur old game totally and start over with the full installer.its better to go with the latter as its easier and will avoid more issues in the future 😀

  141. FRED ur server is goning crazy

  142. it’s kicking people out

  143. there was a lot of people the ur server kicked them help or can u reboot it please

  144. and it has extreme lag

  145. can u help I am watching server
    the server and it’s going crazy

  146. HUGE LAgg kicking people for no reason

  147. The page to report that is gametracker page of the server; it was an attack on the server; was already fixed.

  148. an attack? from where? why the hell would anyone want to attack a game server? sad fucks 🙂

  149. i am REALLY happy for 3on3 control tournament GO |TGS| CLAN! 😛
    so happy

  150. anyone else ready I know I am 😀

  151. haha cprime 🙂 good luck

  152. so fred terrorist attack =MXT= ctf club there out to get you bro go hide in a closet man 😀 RUNNNN

  153. lol it may not be aimed directly at mxt or fear at all from what i read that they told fred.it was a general attack on the servers

  154. Psycho is right.

  155. :p he has to say that.. dnt wanna anger a psycho 😀 jk

  156. i can still run in fear right 😀 we all should well good it was not a big attack 😀

  157. fred will u sign up for tournaments?

  158. fred when u should me that image on how to add custom sounds to server it was archive edit right can u give me that image again because I went to the archive and found nothing like that image you showed me

  159. It’s like in the tutorial to add custom loadscreen to server; what changes is the files you overide. And yeah, I’ll be in MXT Origin Team or MXT Omega team; depending on my bro’s time.

  160. I’m making some small updates to the site. If It’s working not properly, you can blame me 😛 Everything will be back to normal in few mins.

  161. hey it’s me again:D..is it possible to be bannend from your own LANonly server and why would anyone do that? My computer-know ignorance has come to its peak and im very pissed! Pls help anyone?

  162. for now problem solved; it must be this shoutbox, i should shout in here whenever i have problems hehe..

  163. Yeah, As son as I get a message here I fix It. Lol. So got it sorted out?

  164. hah maybe this is the best multiplayer FPS cause it got nice graphics and better gameplay I play Planet side 2, blacklight retribution, project blackout, crossfire, counter strike online… this game is really worth downloading 🙂

  165. Btw now this site looks better, good work 🙂

  166. it was something out of my hands obviously but i don’t bother..tnx anyway!

  167. Thanks Dankos ^_^

  168. Header, background and menu were made by @thibault_gaugerenques ^_^

  169. fred have fun at tournaments with your team I will be watching every video ok about the tournament
    I wnanann see team =MXT= vs |TGS| have FUN ^__^ good luck too all

  170. the site looks so amazing by the way man nice job every time you update the site it look amazing your skills are great nice work

  171. my fear says CD-key verification failed how do i get a new key?

  172. Is your CDKey the one you got in this page? What server are you trying to join? (For better communication, use the contact form).

  173. fred, our redirect worked fine on 12/30/13 now it does not work. I have contacted my redirect company many times and our redirect is working fine.
    We get error transfering files.
    Why is this?
    This appears to be in the game.
    We have used this redirect for 5 years.
    Never a problem until now.
    Any help would be appreicaited.

  174. Hey. Hmmm does this happen to everybody? or only some players can’t connect to It?

  175. Well, I just tested and I can get the files, but maybe too slow, about 80 kbps. mail me to fred.cpp@gmail.com so we can check what’s going on!

  176. email sent

  177. hey frazzle wolfdill.net not working for me anymore this last days u know why that’s happened?
    I cant connect ..pls check it redirect now have slow speed and fillzila cant connect:(

  178. =GR=Gianni$:
    Yes we are aware that there is a problem with the redirect and we are trying to fix it.
    Will let you know when it works again.

  179. hey fred again problem with LANonly i can’t seem to find the solution!

  180. problem solved one guy on fear directed me to BanUserList to delete hack save it and check my read-only and now it works just fine…if i run on some other issue ill contact you!

  181. nice @endorphin. Good you figured It out 😛 I was actually clueless 😛

  182. If you run a server make sure your BanUserList.txt is set to read only. If this box is unchecked a hack can and will ban you from your own server. As happened with endorphin. Cheers

  183. FRED: raw reruits ZDM server isnt in server list,possible fix?

  184. I see the other RAW Servers; I wonder If that one (the TDM?) needs a restart?

  185. maybe
    u can play there, but if ppl dont see its on…nobody join

  186. I haven’t tried. What I mean is, I don’t see any problem in the Master Server side. Can you ask Rebel If there’s any situation?

  187. Phreeze, I have no idea which hack can ban players. I just know that it can be done because I too was banned from a server that I admin. So SEC2 is not hack proof.

  188. okay. I’m not aware of any, but I know you can get banned if you use a hack yourself. This can be prevented by adding BanHackers=0 to [SEC2] section of ServerOptions.txt.

  189. There are some false positives; mainly caused when you lag out or your game freezes. This can happen even If you are the host; is a known bug since SEC times.

  190. what do i download to get on master server i use ubuntu 12.10

  191. If you run a server and you are not listed ingame, follow the same troubleshooting process described in the “host a server” section of the help.

  192. FRED:thnx and u should consider changing voting system in MXT CTF—all players needed to change map is NONSENSE

  193. Unfortunally we had to restrict that. but that’s usually discussed here: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
    or here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/109042305889096/
    ; since this page is FEAR related, not MXT related ^_^ (I already poison It too much with my constant intervention 😛 )

  194. hi all xxx. many times…

  195. want to play coop, like it! who wants too – join ULTRAVIOLET(bots)

  196. mantika:joining in 30 min-slow upload

  197. Lol I’m slow Reading 😛

  198. that was fun lol

  199. A big thanks to @Antares for his large donation!

  200. Boo! Maybe some Coop again? Like group action… =D UV(bots) at 17GMT\18CET\21msk

  201. I’m always a willing to play in coop!!! 🙂

  202. Too early for me :((

  203. xxx hhheeeeyyyyy

  204. Thanks to @romantika for your donation! Always appreciated!

  205. =MXT=Fred.cpp
    Thank you very much!
    So greatly appreciated!

  206. For those unaware,This is the BEST game online!
    You will not find better people than here.
    Hence the name – Community.
    We welcome all to this great playground and hope you have a great time!

  207. Coop? Go, go, go!!! =)

  208. Yaaun…I go to bed.Fred,when we will play coop together?

  209. 🙁 I wish I knew 😛 You guys are always ahead 😛

  210. Feeling like sharing this image and description 🙂

  211. VIP BOTS is now runing 24/7.
    Stop in and kick some Bots asses!

  212. 😀 nice freddy.. i shed a tear. :p

  213. nice @frazzle! 😀 I’ll join at night for some bot-ass-kicking ^_^
    // @ant187 : thanks 😛 you see your server? It’s saving the day 😀

  214. ha it is? or u being sarcastic :p

  215. oh yea its being used :d yay … dnt break dnt break dnt break loL

  216. im so proud 😀 lmao

  217. i cant get this linux server to run -.-‘

  218. can someone help me with starting the linux server?

  219. What error are you getting?

  220. i’m banned again for no reason; MRSA and ULTRAVIOLET(bots); pls sort that out!

  221. yea they ban anyone for the hell of it.almost banned me.. wtf kind of way is that to run a server

  222. It would be a problem If you are being banned automatically. Maybe you smash the F key?

  223. nah fred they vote ban u as soon as u enter lol

  224. FRED when I open my server and people are getting on it the file download is to slow is there anyway I can make it speed up I took away some maps and some compressed files do you have any ideas?

  225. Cprime,
    You need a redirect for fast downloads

  226. were can get one?

  227. a redirect is a web hosting service. more here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRZzZmWj0lM

  228. i do a little freelance for the owner of giga rdp .in exchange i run the 3v3 FR server on it.he just started doing some really good cheap web hosting packages.use my referal link and u get a month free!! 😀


  229. i feel so dirty.. but hey.. i can keep the server going 😀

  230. You know,I actually liked the server, so It’s fine ^_^ (Also, we are doing a service for the community 😛 )

  231. And for “We” I mean “You” ^_^

  232. Cprime,
    Email me –
    I will help you.

  233. as long as freds still ok with it.the FR 3v3 will be the MXT TDM server after the tourny… map and mod suggestions are welcome 😀

  234. Coop Friday? ULTRAVIOLET(bots)! Go,go,go!!!

  235. file server is down 130 cst pm!
    how we going to get ppl to play bad enough no 1 wants tto game anymore

  236. file server is down 130 cst pm!
    how we going to get ppl to play bad enough no 1 wants tto game anymore ya i know i said tthast ok need 2 fix prob!

  237. file server is down 130 cst pm!
    how we going to get ppl to play bad enough no 1 wants tto game anymore ya i know i said tthast ok need 2 fix prob! omg its a shout box no need to wait for moderation i got my own web site ya know! PEACE OUT

  238. file server is down 130 cst pm!
    how we going to get ppl to play bad enough no 1 wants tto game anymore ya i know i said tthast ok need 2 fix prob! omg its a shout box no need to wait for moderation i got my own web site ya know! PEACE OUT shi fear is dead now for good i was interested in 3 vrs 3 conttrol oh well no 1 talks to outcast anyway

  239. file server is down 130 cst pm!
    how we going to get ppl to play bad enough no 1 wants tto game anymore ya i know i said tthast ok need 2 fix prob! omg its a shout box no need to wait for moderation i got my own web site ya know! PEACE OUT shi fear is dead now for good i was interested in 3 vrs 3 conttrol oh well no 1 talks to outcast anyway well fuck it off to work i go!

  240. file server is down 130 cst pm!
    how we going to get ppl to play bad enough no 1 wants tto game anymore ya i know i said tthast ok need 2 fix prob! omg its a shout box no need to wait for moderation i got my own web site ya know! PEACE OUT shi fear is dead now for good i was interested in 3 vrs 3 conttrol oh well no 1 talks to outcast anyway well fuck it off to work i go!
    thanks for keeping it alive for a while longer fredy and eau

  241. What file server?

  242. I see the server list is down, I reported it to phreeze.

  243. Servers are showing-
    Whoo Hoo

  244. is something wrong with fear?

  245. server list is down again very 10 minutes master server restart today I think

  246. server list down again I think a problem with master because every 10 minutes restarts

  247. server list down
    more this happens the lesser amount of players there will be can some one please fix?thanks

  248. Of course we are not happy with this. looks like It’s a network outage in the datacenter where the Master Server is Host.


  250. Bans are made by server admins. If some serveradmin doesn’t like you, better don’t join that server. There is contact info in the forums too, for most known servers. If there isn’t, you can politely post here so we can try to help out.
    BTW The list is back.

  251. +1 same here server list is down

  252. Yeah, keeps going off :/

  253. Hello from Germany

  254. Que paso con la lista de servidores?

  255. The Hosting service where the Master server runs has been experiencing network issues. Meanwhile you can add servers to your favorites using the static GameTracker list:

  256. Just wanted to confirm the server is down because of continuous DDoS attacks.

  257. Fred:any idea whos attack it is?

  258. thanks for he info! by the way hostgator is cheap and never is down Xd

  259. I have used Hostgator since 2009. Hostgator does go down and in December stopped redirecting properly. I have cancelled Hostgator for this reason.

  260. lol so fears getting hacked? cool, i could care less. you fucks take my thread down (which is my only outlet to vent), and then you disregard a player that taught you faggots ALL how to play. aint that sometin? i would of gave a fuck had you faggots gave me the time of day, but what i have to say falls on deaf ears.

  261. jokesaside:
    Try voicing your thoughts without the rage and vulgarities and maybe people would listen.
    Just a thought.

  262. no, i dont give a fuck how i talk damnit. i curse when i speak in real life. id curse at you, id curse at anyone. i dont give a flying fuck. this is the way i speak, and if you have a problem with it, suck a fuckin cock. at this point i dont even care what happens, beacuse im banned from pretty much every server anyway. like i said, i played this game before all of you punks, and i even took some of you under my wing. this is the treatment given to old players? fuck that man.

  263. no matter who runs the server, who the admins are, ill never forget when you guys would come to MY SERVER and aASK ME FOR HELP.

  264. I was trying to moderate your thread so the main ideas could be stated without the insults, but I gave up and removed It. Unfortunally nina (Dathura serveradmin and owner), has his own way to admin his server. Raging vs the rest of the players because of that is not helpful at all. Sorry for making you more angry, but we are trying to keep things cool. Please calm down and avoid insulting people. I’ve contacted Nina about these issues in the past, but Is not like she will change, so do what we do: avoid Joining servers where we are not welcome.

  265. i just wanted to get ths fucking message across.its fuckin uregent dude. to all of you nooby ass, dick sucking,shitty admins that have 0 skill and complain about a player beating them because theyve played 5+ years onger than them. to STOP DOING THIS. STOP BANNING PPL SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY AIM BETTER THAN YOU. ive had ppl who as soon as i shoot them, they say “ban him,hes back”, without even knowing who the fuck i am!!!what kind of BULLSHIT is that. i wish i could meet these people in real life so i could shoot them in the fuckin head.

  266. i could play BLINDFOLDED and some ASSWIPE will still say im hacking. i cant HELP IT THAT MY HACKS ARE BUILT IN MY WRIST.



  269. Jokesaside raises many, many good points. I couldn’t agree more.

  270. that’s the reason I stopped playing this game, matter of fact.

  271. finally, an OLD PLAYER WHO AGREES WITH ME. THANK gOD theres still someone out there who ISNT RETARDED.

  272. jokesaside:really well done, only insults and even death threats, u must realize this is just a game!it can get frustrating over many reasons, but that doesnt justify such a behaviour seems there are 2 options:u are bigass troll or real dick…
    have a good night

  273. jokesaside why don’t come out of the closet & tell us all what yur real player name is if yuv played F.E.A.R. for 5+ years it’s only fare you come clean! Anyway your not Banned on my server so Called DILLS PICKLE FARM TDM & give it a try. TY & have a good evening.

  274. Is not a matter of names, but of attitudes. I know this “I ban everybody better than me is hacking” thing hurts the game. But people joining the same server are becoming part of the problem. Also, coming to the page to insult the world doesn’t help at all. I know It’s frustrating, I’ve been banned (yeah, even when I am not even close to pro) from servers just because I was killing people, or because of my high ping in europe, with newbie serveradmins thinking I was somehow hurting their gameplay. But what shal I do? Join back? no, thanks.

  275. Btw hey Bullets!

  276. lol @fredcpp lol all this drama.. That’s precisely the reason I will never have a FB account. I’d rather play and have fun and leave all the drama to the kids.. Because it should be about fun! lol lol But because I read the other posts from Yoshy, I must say that I’m blown away by the whacked out thought process of this fellow. Why in the hell would anyone want to listen to an uneducated, un-respectful, childish complainer in real life or virtual. @jokesaside If that’s how you are in real life then this is not, or should not be any surprise when people ignore you.. But if you are so pissed off and refuse to treat this community with at least a little respect then I guess the whole world should change and Kiss your ass because your right! O BTW I’m not surprised that you and Bullets agree lol lol lol @BuLLeTs I hope you come back I really do miss the rap messages

  277. Whoever is attacking the master server, must be really jealous of those who can play.

  278. Whipping post?
    listen up you little ho
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  280. I’m not sure how to feel about these posts :S

  281. Looks like the problems with the attacks on master server are over 🙂

  282. Thanks for the patience and support :3

  283. @frazzle where is your server located?

  284. Just in case you people didn’t notice, we updated the about page:

  285. good matches today all they were fun thanks to all

  286. if ref’s are still needed I can help out. Just contact me on xfire 🙂

  287. xfire has a new app for windows phone. if you have one you should try it

  288. ( ._.)/ Android

  289. Fred, One is in Wisconsin another in Tennessee, Ohio and San Diego CA

  290. Even If some don’t like the work we have been doing

    well i do thanks for the work you all have done

  291. Teams interested in 30n3 Training matches, MXT ORigin Team will be available 23-Jan. at 17:00 hrs Central Time (USA). Saturday most of the pending matches will be completed :3

  292. Server list:(
    Search this master server problem pls

  293. 1 minute to login in site need”(
    strange problem
    people if don’t know this
    can close the site wrong and thinking that internet problem is

  294. some problem with server..

  295. can I donate master server via mobile phone payment?

  296. you can donate as much as you want 😀

  297. hmm Currently there is only paypal. I don’t know how this phone payment works, some have told me they like It, but idk how to move the donation to paypal…

  298. is it temporaly down or…?

  299. Weird, It looks like It IS down.
    Will check what’s going on.

  300. Everything looks fine now.

  301. server list not fine yet

  302. I know. Follow the advice of adding the servers to your favourites, so you don’t have to depend on the list.

  303. Server admins, you might need to restart your servers to pickup the IP change of the master server.

  304. The good news is that we should now be DoS protected

  305. Hello friends.
    How Long does it take until a newly started dedicated Server is seen in the Server list?

  306. Should appear right away, as long as your firewall allows the outbound traffic.

  307. Firewall? ok. But for testing I shut down the Windows Firewall. And I do not use any personal Firewall. The Server is not running inhouse and I could connect after I put the IP into the list of favorite servers.

  308. The help section of hosting a server, has a 3 step verification process to get your server online; check It ^_^

  309. But that is not the main Problem. I want to solve that download Speed Problem if Clients Need to download my individual maps. I sent an email to Alfredo. Perhaps he can help me.

  310. Ooops, Your answer was much faster than my last question.

  311. Thank you for now. It’s bed time (3:04AM)

  312. Now all is done with fear nice.
    the only problem is
    i have this problem a lot of times and my friend plastiras and manolis had also that “when u connect in server it
    says connected
    but not loading the map and the only think to fix this problem is only if u change ur cdkey.
    thatsis a very bad problem because new players and some others dont know how to fix that and this is the reason that a player stop play this game .
    Players have tired with that problems dont know the fix and goes
    leave for this game

    pls find how and why this problem search
    and if u can guys i know u are god with computer phreeze and fred to fix that problem ”
    Thanks in Advance

  313. I just told you that why most people do not even bother
    to look for the problem, thus reducing the population.
    Do this for a small sacrifice to find the case for the present problem is resolved

  314. The most maps we can run are 16. Any more than that the servers will not show. Losing many players over this. It was not like this on Friday. Happened after the main server got a different IP.
    Can anyone please explain why this is happening?
    Thank you.

  315. @Frazzle: probably the DDoS filtering service is blocking oversized UDP packets, since they can be used in some types of attacks. I will try to implement a dedicated server fix that will limit the map list reported to the master. server

  316. @=GR=Gianni$: we are aware of the problem and are actively working on a fix.

  317. Thank you Phreeze

  318. my frame rate keeps droping makeing it impossable to play this is the only game it happens to als go to config tool in program files seria it say invalid string and god damit i actually feel like playing!!!! nvm my speeling!

  319. oh also got to keep getting new key so i can connect to servers wut up with that not the only 1 having that prob! thanks

  320. 1 more thing i get 40 = fps playing cryis at high settings for hours but this 10 min it drops to 20 fps if im lucky! making it unplayable1

  321. After almost 3 days offline, I’m back. 😀

  322. The CD key in use issues (i.e. hang on loading screen) should be resolved for now. The server list issues for servers with too many maps or players is more difficult issue and I’m still working on it. We might have to temporarily inject your server(s) into the list manually as a temp solution

  323. @apocalipsis2012 (Bunker1), como te dije, no se que mas esperas, te he contestado, si no quieres entender razones, o no has recibido mis correos, no es culpa mia; si quieres quitar el juego porque consideras que no escuchamos a la gente, creo que deberías comenzar por saber escuchar tu, en lugar de solo criticar el trabajo de otros. Mejor informate mejor, no dejes que personas te llenen la cabeza de ideas raras sobre lo que hacemos. Creeme, nosotros ni sacamos dinero de esto, ni lo hacemos por otro motivo que mantener esto funcionando. Como te dije en uno de los correos que te he respondido, Si no fuera por el master server, nadie estaría jugando; y quien diga lo contrario, que lo sustente. No basta solo con criticar, también hay que ser objetivos. En fin, ya si quieres dejarte envenenar y pensar lo que quieras, eres libre de hacerlo. Nosotros seguiremos haciendo lo que podemos por el juego que amamos; el resto que haga lo que prefiera. Saludos.

  324. Just to let you guys know, =MXT= CTF Server is actually active, but when has more than 16 players is not displayed in the list. You can still join (unless It’s full) by adding the IP of the server to the favourites list.

  325. @Frazzle: possible fix coming soon for the map server list issue

  326. Sup guys, uhm.. im having this little issue with the cd-key not correct or something. Can someone please help me out?

  327. I think that problem was already fixed, right?

  328. no

    server list freezes sometimes now 2,3 days
    u need press 3 times find server to find

    I have bore you with the problems


  329. sometimes works normal

  330. I think this was fixed today (yesterday night, America time). Give It a couple hours more for testing.

  331. hi this is the only game that is unplayable fps down to 10 no good assult cube wolfstien crysis all good // why?????

  332. scince no1 repleys i tell u this game is dying a slow death I can C why thanks anyway for the work done

  333. @mtxmark: check out the recent forum thread created by Fornicator for “frame drops”. Also, the game won’t die because the same group of regulars have been playing the game since 2005, and we’re not going anywhere. Hence why there are euro and NA servers populated every day.

  334. @=GR=Gianni$: I’m aware of the issue, but its going to take time to work out a solution due to the ongoing DDoS attacks. Please bare with us.

  335. phreeze,fred: good job,its not freezing now

  336. @zenut: thanks, but I think the issue comes and goes. I’m working on a perm solution though

  337. Last time i say it thank u very much! to bad we off line again 100 cstpm ant peace out be killing all

  338. thats 100 pm cst sorry for typoe ill be getting this keyboard next better last ESPORTS POSEIDON KEYBOARD _

  339. hey guys, i just reinstalled fear because it on some servers it said that i should get a new key from this site and it turned out that its too short for the old version. So i installed directly the 1.1 and now it wont start. any ideas?

  340. hey guys, i just reinstalled fear with the new 1.1 installation file and i cannot open it. everytime i try a 0xc0000005 error appears

  341. Hi. we are aware of this problem, but haven’t managed to reproduce It. A way to go around It, is use the CDKey noted in the faq (http://fear-community.org/help/faq/ ) question 3. This way you can install the old version and the launcher. Research is done on how to fix this problem, but I’m clueless about what causes It.

  342. Looks like the Master server is again under attack. Please try adding your favourite servers manually.

  343. u have any idea where these attacks are coming from? hmm

  344. I don’t. maybe phreeze knows.

  345. Again no server list in page :/

  346. It’s working again.

  347. Hola…. alguien me podria dar el pass de =MXT=private server.


  348. El Pass: FEAR

  349. Gracias fred 🙂

  350. Greetings, All I can say is you guys did a great job!
    The last change to the sever or rented server to stop the DDOS attacks totally screwed the main server up.
    Two weeks ago to this day everything worked fine until you got a new IP?
    Whatever you guys did has ruined the game forever.
    Last night at 12 midnight there were 6 servers showing with 0 players.
    What a shame!
    I say screw it and go back to the old settings that worked flawlessly.
    If you are so concerned about another DDOS attack then leave it as it is and watch it DIE.
    If some ass hole does this he will soon tyre of it as did Mono years ago.
    To do this now is a very bad mistake for we are losing players every day!
    Yes, this will be long for I am upset!
    I have played the game from day one and have seen MANY players come and go.
    There are a few of us die hards that will NEVER leave.
    PLEASE go back to the way it was 3 weeks ago for if you don’t we will lose all.
    Yes Fred your CTF works just fine other server don’t.
    Cannot explain that.
    This will be my last call out for I and all the VIP players are losing faith!
    In closing I respectfully ask that you go back to the settings that worked when 70+ servers showed.
    Look at the count now.
    Thank you for reading and I wish you success in making the game as it was 3 weeks ago, let alone when it was PRIME before Lamespy left.
    I normally close with –
    However I have no cheer left.

  351. Theres something wrong when i click on find servers it just freezes and shows nothing was working untill about an hour ago what happening?

  352. All is great now site and game))))
    good work!

  353. @Frazzle: you never even bothered to try and get the new server patch working? We heard no feedback from you at all on that. The sky is not falling, its just some servers with lots of maps that are having issues (which are resolved with the new patch).

  354. just wanted to tell ya all if u use dep in windows! make sure u put fear mp exe. in exception list!

  355. Everything good again Thanks!

  356. NP @Stephanie. Implemented some fixes that should minimize or eliminate the problem

  357. We need to verify the installation process, since the server still doesn’t show as SEC2 v2.0.1

  358. VIP UNIQUE is showing with 206 maps!
    Thank you gentlemen.
    Cheers 🙂

  359. @Frazzle: we restored things back to the old IP yesterday, at least until we can release the new patch. We’ll see how things go.

  360. That’s Great news! Congratulations @Phreeze ^_^ Great Job 😀

  361. There is a problem with the GameServers.com service and MXT CTF Server is down, we are working on It.

  362. Phreeze,
    Thank you for going back to the old IP. Works perfect now! Job well done.

  363. Important Notice to all Server owners running in GameServers.com! DO NOT RESTART YOUR SERVER!
    This will cause your server to fail to load, the exact reason is still under investigation, and may be related to some updates. We will let you all know when this gets fixed.

  364. I was able to reproduce the gameservers.com issue on my own CentOS 5 VM. Anyone running a Linux server, do NOT apply the latest updates.

  365. What happened to MXT CTF server? it’s been gone the past couple of days.

  366. @Stephanie: the hosting provider for MXT CTF is gameservers.com, and they have installed an OS update on their servers that breaks FEAR dedicated server.

  367. Meanwhile we have another Temp server, named =MXT=CTF Euro, with the same config, but located in france. Add It:

  368. Good job team, We all in the community thank you for your hard work and time spent. Thanks


  369. In light of the recent issues with the Linux dedicated server, we recommend switching to a Windows hosting provider if possible. If you need a recommendation, feel free to send me a private message

  370. Try the de_Dust2 map in CTF mode at =MXT=CTF Server 😀 (don’t ban me for spam 😛 )

  371. Hello all i baaack ^ ^

  372. Spammer!!! (CheesyPoofs *cough* *cough*)

  373. de dust2 is rly cool map. why somebody dont upload video, maybe it will attract some CS players

  374. Hi,if I got issues about MXT CTF server, do I write here or at the message board of MXT CTF Club @gameserver.com?

  375. server list is down ? or?
    I cant find servers just only me?

  376. in Greece and maybe some other countries server list not works is down idk why some peoples tell me that he can find normal servers but in Greece no

  377. Apparently the DNS provider of the domain hosting is having a DDoS attack.

  378. Boo! im bk!!! Coop tonight!!!

  379. What Server? ^_^

  380. ULTRAVIOLET(bots)!

  381. jejejeje fred no savia quien era:) …. no sabras las causas por que no tenga sonido en fear me acaba de pasar?????

  382. ••G@NG$†€®™••

    Host make Streets of Faer server please ! 🙂

  383. Salut , on as pas besoin d’acheter FEAR si j’ai bien compris ?

  384. Bots attack! Need help @ UV(bots)!!!

  385. Looks like the Linux server issues are resolved. If anyone still has issues, please let us know.

  386. Non Bauwens, tu n’as pas besooin d’acheter le jeu à moins que tu veux jouer au jeu solo, ce que je te conseil, très bon jeu solo et multi 🙂

  387. Non Bauwens, tu n’as pas besooin d’acheter le jeu à moins que tu veux jouer le solo

  388. Non, Bauwens, à moins que tu veux jouer le mode solo

  389. Sorry for all my french candian replies, I was hoping to see the message pop immediately :l

  390. I like true now too your mxt ctf server
    You found the best sounds specific in flag of the sound .
    What I want to say is a huge bravo to you that you did really hard work.

  391. Thanks, I planned that update for long time ^_^

  392. Bots attack!!!

  393. Fucks the password for mxt private? o_O

  394. Anybody home?.. Helloooo!..

  395. Bullets, is the same than before. // Hey Rawmantica <3 you are on too early :'(

  396. im zzzz

  397. Anybody alive there?!! Booooooys?..

  398. Sex! seeex!! seeeeex!!!

  399. Lol sorry, mid week is hard at work :/ Weekends ftw!

  400. lol romantika.. my moneys on that being boobo

  401. =D need sex @ULTRAVIOLET(bots)

  402. *help! need *HELP!!! lololol

  403. romantikka go play only yuo!your caunry its hell.go hell all rusian

  404. Plz admins bloked all rusiian servers!!!!

  405. server rankings information is now live for servers running SEC2 v2.0.1

  406. Hi there. can someone help me. i cant put FEAR Combat working

  407. Please be nice dimon. And we do not block servers.

  408. What is the problem you have @Nuno?

  409. Thanks for reply, i put fear combat working but i have high pings now. is it normal?

  410. That depends on your location and the server location. were are you from? and where are you joining?

  411. Hey, how do you set a limit of medkits in a dedicated server?

  412. I guess there is a file missing tho, to do that

  413. hi. Yeah you need to set a MPCustomizations.txt file for that. Check this: http://fear-community.org/forums/topic/dedicated-server/#post-5951

  414. Boo!!! Friday!!!

  415. …saturday…anybody alive there?..


  417. didn’t know the torrent was down. Thanks for leting us know.
    About the http downloads, It works fine here, about 600 kbps (my connection limit).

  418. poor me im only getting to about 8mb/s 🙁 lol

  419. baning me MRSA server for no reason and this is not first time in the poll who launched the Pimp called plays., please sanction this spineless worm player has not called anyone.

  420. isn’t anyone excited for the new fear combat version coming out I can’t sit still cant wait at all 😛

  421. I understand thtat’s not nice, but we have no control on how Server admins configure their servers (Including votes). Our advice is to contact the MRSA Admins about this issue, but considering previous experiences with MRSA, the most they will do is unban you.

  422. The Directx9c patch file is down, I kind of need it to help me with my sound problem (no sound)in fear

  423. sound can be so many things,its just process of elimination 🙂 check the drivers for the sound card are properly installed,the default sound device is the 1 it should be,ALL the volume mixers are up,including wav out etc ..umm

  424. I’m permanently banned from all RAW servers and dunno how to reach a mod pls help?

  425. Hi ; i’ve got the steam version of fear ; still didn’t download … but i got a question : can i play the multiplayer in the steam version of fear ; or should i use the fear combat client ?

  426. I seem to have a problem with the game, it crashes on start.

  427. @ShadixCF no error message or anything? could be directx needs updating or ur video card drivers.

  428. Oh, I get the standard FEAR.exe has stopped working, but it doesn’t tell me anything else. I don’t even get a black screen.

  429. when u get that error message u should be able to click more details or something similar,usually it will tell u the file causing the issue.example like d3d9.dll or something

  430. oh yea,i also noticed that happens if i have certain other programs running too,like nonoh the voip app or thunderbird even at times,try to make sure everything is closed just incase 😀

  431. So many fond memories of F.E.A.R. glad, you guys are still supporting it!

  432. I’ll make a forum post with the details.

  433. Hello guys,i want to do 2 questions 1st:How can i portforward and 2nd how many costs a donation of a server of 12 or 10?

  434. hi @Crazy_Lama You don’t need to donate to host a server. Both playing and hosting is 100% free. And about port forward It depends on how you connect to the web, mostly your modem model or service type.

  435. HEy @crazyhorse , the HoS ? :O

  436. does any one know how to get better FPS I have been trying every thing nothing is working my fps for the game is still bad by the way I have windows 7 computer does anyone know a program to help fps fred do you any that can help?

  437. What is your video card? and Processor? And RAM? If you consider you have good hardware and still bad fps’s try this post: http://fear-community.org/forums/topic/frame-rate-suddenly-drops/

  438. BTW did yo uguys know about this page: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/F.E.A.R.

  439. Thanks to Dominic for the kind donation!

  440. My pleasure! 🙂

  441. freed no cd key

  442. So when is the new SEC going to come out ? Ne1 no

  443. I want to donate 100 $. Someone point me in the correct direction.

  444. To Donate for the Master Server, use the Donate Button on this sidebar.

  445. SEC2 v2.0.1 is released! 🙂

  446. is it just me or are is the latest installer download being an ass hat?

  447. using “downthemall” every time its gets to 100% it starts at 0 again.. feels like a joke 😀

  448. 🙁 without the downloader it gets less than half way says done and is currupt

  449. I used the latest patch for MXT TDM And Private and It worked fine.

  450. whats a validation code??

  451. i think the server is just getting slammed right now

  452. i’ll see if i can put up another mirror

  453. File is 1.3 GBs. Downloads 134 MBs. Says file is corrupted. I’ll come back another day.

  454. same issue with me as kyle.looks to me like the host of the file is being touchy.. need a reliable place to put it for w bit? lol

  455. size mismatch.. might help fix it to know

  456. (149 downloads) thats 149 people pissed off its broke.. but i bet 140 of them are me.. i gave up.. for now

  457. it’s the download plugin i was using. going to fix it shortly

  458. should be fixed now!

  459. yup.its working.thx 🙂

  460. Added an Advanced Server Options section in the “host a server” page ^_^


  462. Unfortunally when a server allows votes, they have the risk of having this problem. This is, unfortunally, a common problem at MRSA Server.

  463. Helloo friends what’s new with this fear?

  464. Yo redsixers,Keep that mind i’m not a cheater so stop insult me , thanks =)

  465. It happends every day.
    F.E.A.R:FEARMP.exe – Application Error
    The instruction at 0x1015bdd9 referenced memory at 0x00000158.
    The Memory could not be read.
    Click on Ok to terminate the program.

  466. Do you have problems with other games? Did you tested you Memory with Memtest? Is your CPU overclocked?

  467. HI everything was working fine untill a little while ago when i try to connect to a server it just fezzes at the loading sreeen anyone know why?

  468. HI i updated and it will show servers but wont connect me to any it just freezes on loading please help

  469. Just had this problem too. Try to delete the DNS-Cache. (cmd-> ipconfig /flushdns)

  470. hey there, mi installation does not end at the finalizing installation point, any help?

  471. The last step takes really long in some systems. Not sure why It takes so long in some cases. Our advice Is to wait. Let It run and go and get a coffe or something while the installer does Its job ^_^

  472. As of today, Fear starts up in what looks like 3d mode (red and blue)images slightly a part. Win 8.1, Nvidia card. Almost like Nvidia thinks its a 3d app. 3dmark images are fine. Anyone seen this ?

  473. Can you get a screenshot? :O

  474. Let me try a complete reinstall. Something has been corrupting my config file (keystroke defs) on Win 8 ever week or so so maybe it trashed the install. Yes I will get a screen shot if I still can’t resolve it. Love that Win 8 🙁

  475. yeah, the windows 8 config is lost sometimes. When that happens just restart the PC. This happens to me too, is a common problem. But once you restart you should see everything back to normal.
    About the problem, get the scren before you reinstall, It should be interesting! :O

  476. Master Server listing is down. Should be back in short.

  477. Hi, i can’t install FC Sec2 (v2.01). After downloading this file i click on it, and after few minutes i see message “Archive is corrupt” (Win7). What should i do to solve this problem?

  478. Is It the full installer? What is the file size?

  479. that was happening to us all when it was 1st released.phreeze fixed it.maybe broke it again :p

  480. Yes, full. Size 1.33 Gb

  481. maybe using a download manager would help? I use Jdownloader, but others may help too :/
    If you have an old installer you can use It too, and then only apply updates.

  482. Fred, it helps. Thanks 🙂

  483. Good! 😀

  484. anyone used the newest installer on xp? my friend is still getting issues even after formatting and updating everything :p

  485. I will try it on XP tonight.

  486. ok thanks phreeze 😀

  487. Boo! Bot`s Friday!!! Go, go, go!!! =)

  488. fear is not working for me for some reason I join a server then it never joins is anyone one having this issue I uninstall fear and reinstall it seems it still wont work can anyone help?

  489. hi @Cprime. When that happens is because your CDKey is still marked as “in use”. This gets fixed within 24 hours max. But usually takes less time. Please use the contact form If It’s still not working, so we can check your problem.

  490. Having a hell of a time with limiting certain weapons and gear via config. Can someone check my latest thread?

  491. I mailed [RAW]Rebel about their MPCustomizations.txt generator. Still no repply. I can send you a full file, so you can check all the available options.

  492. Hello 🙂

  493. Ask Rebel to repair my vibrator one time… Still no reply! 🙁

  494. Hey @Hannah_montana!
    Haha @Romantika 😛

  495. hey guys 🙂 new here 🙂

  496. @draWoseK_neX: welcome! see you in game

  497. Hi! Please, help me to find score tracking here. Why there is no link on the homepage?

  498. Click in the server name in the list here in the sidebar.
    Unfortunally looks like currently there’s a issue with that. Maybe @phreeze can confirm It.

  499. Oh, I got it now 🙂 Thank you, Fred!

  500. When will we start the new tournament? u.u

  501. Yee it is time for a new tournament…3v3 or 4v4 CTF Mmm :))

  502. I think CTF is the most prefered option. But not sure about the number of players in each team.

  503. does anyone know how to make fear window size instead of full screen? fred do you know can you help?

  504. @Cprime right click on the shortcut to fear and go to properties find the “target” box and add
    to the end.works for me

  505. didn’t work did it your way and went to the site and tried it didn’t work also but thanks PsYcho

  506. @cprime what version of windows are u using

  507. Hey peepzz

  508. Want to help FEAR go back to ESL? Post a comment supporting It here!

  509. Is this game still alive? I started somewhere in 2005 I guess lol. I will install the game today! Hope we can play some.

  510. If you like custom CTF we may end up sharing shoots 😀

  511. my game want start error fearmp.exe system.Error
    The program cant start because libcurl.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem
    Help Pls to fix dat!

  512. Hi guys, how to fix “cannot connect to the master server”?

  513. If It fails always, the firewall or antivirus is blocking the game from connecting to internet.

  514. i put that file in game folder and now works Thanks you Psycho !

  515. Welcome back =GR=Giannis 🙂 Fight! 🙂

  516. Heyyy
    Nice to see back unarmed ctf ff-pl again! wb too 🙂 i am glad to see you!

  517. 😀 i love the UA CTF one but so few people are into ua now 🙁

  518. Phreeze,quick question 😀 the console of the standalone server.to speak to the players im sure i used to just type /say message but it dnt work now.i asked freddy and he said its /say”message” that doesnt seem to work either.am i missing something onvious 😀

  519. say “lol Ant”

  520. say “message” — with the quotes and without the slash

  521. 😀 thanks that works.. hehe

  522. 4000+ downloads of the latest version. Nice!

  523. error transferring arch00 – connection interrupted.
    ? unable to join the mxt server because of this however I can join into other servers with stock maps. I cant join anything custom for some odd reason.

  524. I have been on the forums lately and I have downloaded the fear launcher but it tells me there’s a new version up but I can’t find the patch I hate to be useless and figure out my issues but can anyone help or have tips?

  525. is it a patch or direct x update?

  526. forget it there was a start button right in my face I am an idiot sorry once more

  527. Don’t worry. It’s kinda hidden. You shouldn’t need the Launcher anyway, If you have the latest game patch, It has all you need!

  528. downloads are fixed

  529. Guys, help.
    I’m trying to turn on game but Fear is no respoding. I see just desktop. I get just information about color scheme. I have installed Directx. I have win 7 64 bit. ANyone can help??

  530. Run the Game with Admin rights and with Windows 95 compatibility :O

  531. Masters of FEAR, help me to fix Massacre server. We have Linux server but we dont have server log file. Cant find some hackers guid if we are not on server.I was talk abot that with Fred but he say to get direction from Phreeze

  532. If you host your server with GameServers.com they already have a log system. I don’t know with other hosting services.

  533. does anyone have a windows 8 laptop does it work well with fear is the frame rate alright just asking I want to try fear combat with a laptop let see how it works I want to try this jst ask guys if anyone has can they tell me how does well does it preform

  534. Can’t tell about your laptop unless you provide some info about It. So far the game works fine with windows 8/8.1; but If It will be smooth or not, depends mostly on your video card and cpu/ram.

  535. i have never really said anything on this forum but fred I have a question is there really cheaters on fear I don’t believe there are people can play for long and they become good at the game but they get banned from servers kicked for having skill? is there really cheaters on fear combat??

  536. Honestly, i don’t know. but i really , really doubt it. with the new sec that fred has implemented in the game, 1 would have to be a c++ expert or be really advanced in computer programming to create there own hack to bypass the hackshield these days. exodus and those other old hack programs definitely do not work anymore and havent for a long time, even punkbuster caught those. so 1 would have to be very very very very very smart to still hack, or very very very very very dumb to attempt it. either way, its safe to say if there are hackers, you can bet its less th an 1% of fear. i even doubt tha. i can honestly say i dont believe there any any hackers in fear.

  537. Some claim there are a lot. but so far I know about 2-3. But they are not good layers and It’s pretty obvious once they activate It. People that complains about everybody being a hacker, are newcomers or typical haters who can’t improve (this usually happens because of very limited hardware).

  538. lol haters ;] thx for replying just wanted to know if there are any because I don’t really believe but thx anyways just wanted to know ;]

  539. Summer holiday is coming so maybe it’s good time to organize new tournament? 🙂

  540. that would be fun to watch and see or play in 😀

  541. what’s going on I uninstall fear for a while and I am trying to reinstall it back but it keeps saying this page has expired and it cant download am I only one having this issue? can anyone try and see if it works but can anyone help me please or fix the downloads

  542. Download links should be fixed now

  543. thank you phreeze for your help of fixing the links thanks again

  544. Almost mid year break. Time for a tournament. Will someone get something done? If not, we (several latin american players) will host the FEAR – 1on1 Latin American Championship :3

  545. that sounds fun to watch
    but if someone host a new tournament what will it be? fred CTF-DM-TDM-
    wait we never tried elimination can we try elimination if anyone got the time or if it is a good Idea or how about slomoTDM ?

  546. just some ideas that pop in my head elimination and slomo TDm tournament 😛

  547. ok fred I sent a request to join the group anymore instructions ??

  548. No, that’s It ^_^ Thanks ^_^

  549. fred we have 13 people for CTF tournament and 0 for the rest so is it official that we are having a CTF tournament

  550. Hey i want play ctf tournament. Where should i apply?

  551. kremen I guess its still in the process fred is probably working on it we just have to wait I guess

  552. social network login/registration should now be fixed

  553. today I was shocked to here >>GD<< servers going down I wish best for the clan member and I will miss i7 ssd 1v1 and getting beat there and making progress there thank u mistake would out you I would of never improved my skills thanks Mistake 😀

  554. Hey exhail u haven’t been online lately if u r send me a message on gmail ok added you

  555. Hi Havoc

    You can reach me on steam. I don’t really use xfire anymore since the new client is very crappy.

    Add me, steam ID: ex_hail

  556. hey can anyone help me what was the file name that allows you to customize how many medkits u can have and customize how fast can they respawn like how many ammo and … does anyone remember can you tell me and does anyone got a link that works

  557. MPCustomizations.txt ^_^

  558. THANK you!! 🙂

  559. im gettin a error when attempting to join some servers fred. errordownloadingcontent or some crap like that. any idea whats up? if u got steam u can msg me there if nething…

  560. use xfire or email. or facebook 😛
    btw In client settings click on allow unlimited downloads. but It sounds like you got an outdated version (weird)

  561. does anyone know how to install radio mod? can u help plZ?

  562. Paste your Radio mod file (if you dont have it, give me your email) to folder with fear, then find there file “Default” and open it (as Notepad) and enter name your radio mod file (dont forget add at end of name .Arch00), save it and enjoy!

  563. I don’t have the file but heres my email Havoc1fear@gmail.com THanks dankos!

  564. Done 🙂

  565. dankos do I put it in the users directory? I put it in sierra and I opened a server and I sawed in the server box versions radio mod ^__^ so does it go in the users directory?

  566. copy It to the Game directory.

  567. users or game?

  568. eee now idk what you mean, but put it in users and game 🙂

  569. thx u guys ^___^ big help and I knew how to install mods on a fear server thx 🙂

  570. I updated the help section with a troubleshooting list. This will be enhaced in the next days. If you voted in the poll, please try It and If you still can’t get It fixed, contact us!

  571. Fred I love what u did to the server put some different maps on and the change of skins nice 🙂

  572. Has anyone ever had this issue when u start up fear and u click find servers it just freezes? and u have to kind of shut your pc and do it again? we I thought it was my pc but it wasn’t so its not anyone’s PC or connection

  573. anyone having this issue when u go on fear and u click find servers it just freezes its not your pc I have been having it to its not connection issues

  574. maybe there was a Master server outtime. I think IT’s fixed, since IT’s working as usual. when this happens, It’s a good idea to add some servers to favs, so you can get em there with easy even If the master server is down.

  575. so I was looking for fear mods and I could not find not even one site that has the downloads so I found one that works I hope so here’s a Link! http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/mods/fear/mod.html

  576. whats the password to i7?

  577. its funhouse

  578. Those who can’t see servers ingame; please check your firewall settings and/or comment your Antivirus; I use AVG and It works fine (checked again 1 min ago).

  579. So there is only one server that is active? What day or time do people start getting on? Or is it always like this?

  580. This date/time combination resulted in 1 active server, but usually there are more.

  581. Have a problem that came up recently when playing. I cant see any text from the menu and no servers come up when i search. need help plz

  582. Hello Players.

  583. did you try unistalling fear?

  584. Francisco Isaias Isaias Isaias

    nao consigo ver a lista de quem esta onlaine dentro do jogo, não consigo adicionar players, o que faço ?

  585. Agregar jugadores? No entiendo :/

  586. Hello Fabrice.

  587. Try to refresh

  588. Hey fred whatsup with the game always crashing when searching for servers?? its gamebreaking and really frustrating.How can i fix this?

  589. We have detected this problem; Is not crashing, but failing to connect to anywhere. The problem looks exactly as a firewall blocking issue, but Is not. we are not sure what could be causing It, but It’s already troublesome, since we have got reports of several people with It. We haven’t been able to reproduce this problem, so we have had little chance to study It. But we are on It. Checking your firewall or recent AV changes would help!

  590. I experimented with this issue and found that if I would use the original game client 1.08 it freezes when I search for servers even when I search under favorites. However if I uses the FEAR Community downloaded game client I do not have these issues.
    First question; Are you using the official FEAR community game client?

  591. you I always wondered if there was a [eAu] server because one of freds maps said it lol

  592. There was a eAu Server and was great 🙂 You basically can play most of It at Chessy Poofs 😀 When eAu closed, I started mapping and modding. some months later I started to run MXT CTF Server ^_^

  593. Boo!!! xxx

  594. so that’s the story of =MXT= server and [eAu] server thx for sharing that was a huge question I wanted to ask!

  595. For the peeps having issues with ‘Find Servers’, and connecting to servers, are you using Windows XP?

  596. Hi, Phreeze. I’m using windows 7 and I found that if I try to use the old game client (not sec2 Ver.) it will stop responding when I search for servers even while searching under fav’s. It only started doing this last week while we were playing. However all I had to do was open the sec2 ver of the game client and it works fine. So im wondering if some people are still trying to use the old game client

  597. @WhippingPost: I’ve reproduced the issue a few times on my Windows 7 machine, but it only hangs like 1% of the time. I spun up an XP VM and it hangs more often, but strangely a network monitor shows it was successful in retrieving the list and querying all the servers.

  598. @phreeze it might not be connected but at the same time the old version i still use,1.08 patched from 1.07 started doing the same thing when i try to get the servers using my favourites list,happens every time and takes forever.maybe that would help find the issue 😀

  599. francisco isaias da silva sousa

    so consigo jogar pelo server KGB POWA os outros servidores pedem senha ou aparece a mensagem de cd-key invalida ! preciso de ajuda !

  600. Phreeze,can you help me to get log file on Massacre server. Is there possibilities to have similar command like on windows: “@ECHO OFF
    set datetimef=%date:~-4,4%-%date:~-10,2%-%date:~-7,2%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%
    set LOGF=C:\Users\fredcpp\Desktop\Logs\fearserver.tdm.%datetimef%.log
    start fearserver.exe -optionsfile ServerOptions-TDM +errorlog 1 +alwaysflushlog 1 +errorlogfile “%LOGF%””? Can I use something like that on Linux dedicated server. I have there file with .sh extension with this command:”#!/bin/sh

  601. does anyone know where I can get player model skins for fear a site that work please?

  602. @Havoc
    If you don’t have any luck finding a valid website than look in you documents/monolith productions/fearcombat/custom/downloaded content.
    You may already have the skins. You just might find what your looking for if you look in the downloaded content folder. However it is a real pain in the ass to sift through lol.

    Good luck

  603. @CICCIO: You can use: ./fearserver.bin >server.log 2>&1

  604. I have a question about team radio messages. They are different in slo-mo and ctf maps. I know that it is possible to use slo-mo team radio messages in ctf but i don’t know how to do it. 🙁 Pls. help!

  605. Its ok now 🙂

  606. @Phreeze: i was try with “#!/bin/sh
    ./fearserver.bin >server.log 2>&1” but dont work. Its strange couse i delete start.sh file and server can still restart?!

  607. Try this one:

    “#!/bin/sh export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./fearserver.bin >./server.log 2>&1 &”

  608. Works for me on my linux server

  609. @Phreeze: Dont work 🙁

  610. I cant install fear combat pls v2.0.1 pls help
    it tells me this eroor
    (There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run . contact your support personnel or package vendor.
    what is this and how to fix it ?

  611. @=GR=Gianni$: If you ask me im always for old installation. I always istal first FEAR 1.07,then patch with 1.08,then patch with SEC2 2.0.1 update

  612. I do this way ciccio and again not works 🙁
    it tells me
    libcurl.dll is missing I dl and paste it , next again tells libeay32.dll is missing I paste and this and at last it says :
    Missing shell DLL …
    I wanna play again …

  613. if I unpatch sec2 folder
    game works … but I cant join with ip ..
    game paused and not showing the server ..

  614. GameClient.dll is the problem..
    fred.cpp help..

  615. Hey.. It’s been a while nice to see ppl still playing this with a dcent anti cheat 😀

  616. fear has been giving a lot of issues lately giannis I feel your pain but it’s great to have you back on fear ^_^

  617. if anyone can get fear working for you 😛 it would be fun playing with you some time around 😛

  618. I just posted a tech question in the forums.

  619. For some reason there’s an error if I try to find internet servers, both in FEAR Combat, without FEAR Combat and with FEAR Coop Warfare. Any help?

  620. FEAR and coop warfare won’t work as they used to do.
    If you use FEAR Combat from this site, the antivirus or firewall is blocking the game from connecting to the web! (See help section / troubleshooting ).

  621. FEAR Coop Warfare works but it doesn’t show any servers, and if I try to enter the CD-Key I got from this site, it says that it’s invalid.

  622. By the way, FEAR Combat installation is stuck on “Extracting main application files”

  623. As I said, coop warfare was made for an older version of the game.
    There’s some ways to make It kinda work, but is not officially supported. That’s why you can, but can’t use It. About the FEAR Combat Install, give It more time. since It’s heavily compressed, It may take much longer than expected (verify you have enough free space in disk C).

  624. If you want to try the coop experience, try joining one of the coop servers that are compatible with SEC2, you can join from the ingame list. This earns you the need to download and install coop warfare; but you don’t have the extra weapons CW had.

  625. Alright, thanks, I’ll try to find a coop server. Hopefully there’s people on it.

  626. Invite people here in the shoutbox! 🙂

  627. A long time I haven’t played F.E.A.R Combat I have the steam version but it seems that I need to update my CD Key what can I do to update it ? Thanks !

  628. The best idea is to download FEAR Combat as a separate game. This way you can keep both Single player and Multiplayer working 😀

  629. Hi, there. Just revisiting this place from time to time.

  630. F.E.A.R.4 cdkey kéne

  631. can this work for mac also

  632. It may work. we haven’t tested lately. but It was suppoused to.

  633. =MXT=WhippingPost / [eAu]SaS_Quach

    looks like they got it working for MAC http://portingteam.com/files/file/7259-fear-platinum/

  634. does anyone know if fear 1.08 work if I put in the server ip will it work can anyone tell me please

  635. will are cd keys work with it and will the servers load anyone using it or know.

  636. If you add the ip to the 1.08 fav list, It should work! (But you need to wait about 1 min to join the server).

  637. I removed the launcher from the downloads. It’s broken. Will check If It’s a good idea to fix It and upload It again.

  638. will the cd key from are site work? for 1.08

  639. There are no “pure” 1.08 Servers. So no. You can play with a 1.08 client in SEC2 Servers, so yeah.

  640. The TS3 IP will no longer be available due to lack of use.

  641. =MXT=WhippingPost [eAu]SaS_Quach

    The server was used daily. I think banning the members that were in there playing was very harsh!

  642. this game need more players 🙁

  643. Thanks to @Samuel for the donation!

  644. i cant find servers pls help when i press find servers screen freezes ….
    i use fear_combat_201_community_en_full.exe..

  645. Every Time ready for 1v1 !

  646. Ready for 1v1 again ! 😉

  647. i reinstall it and now says Key missing for .ini. action.
    what is this?
    how to install the game ?

  648. who have fear combat launcher file pls send only with this I can play maybe.

  649. the launcher won’t fix that.

  650. Type your CDKey ingame.

  651. no this is not the problem …
    game fail to install .. at end says this message Key missing for .ini. action.. and at end game automatically unistalled how to fix this? u have teamviewer?

  652. Can you get the exact error message you have?

  653. Working in the FEAR Launcer; got a lot of feedback to work. It shouldn’t be needed anyway, but since It’s useful to change languages, I’ll try to get It on, asap.

  654. i just downloaded fear combat I opened it and it said failed to initialize client unable to load game resources I think the download are broken fear is giving a lot of issues can someone give me some advice on to help stop this issue?

  655. This shouldn’t be the kind of answer but, can you try to run It as admin? also, what about reinstalling?
    I’ve never seen that error before. sounds like some game files are corrupted, but the download looks fine!

  656. New FEAR client v2.0.2 coming soon to hopefully fix some issues with in-game ‘Find Servers’ button

  657. Hi, boys! I re-downloaded and reinstalled FEAR 2.0.1 Full. Do i need to install Update 2.0.1 too or it included? And how to change language without Installer?

  658. @romantika: you don’t need the update, just the full version is enough. You can’t change the language with the current version, but next version should have that capability

  659. Why banned not reason KGB server admins ? u real bad lo9sers

  660. I not hack and ban me KGB MEMBERS relly loser team this is kgb ….bad losers

  661. Happy new years to the whole fear combat community. Enjoy!

  662. there have been a bit more hackers lateley

  663. Got banned 2 times on Mrsa server.. For ping and for “hacks”. Really ppl its 2015 and its time to use your brains 🙂 even though how small it may be just use it :S

  664. From my point of view, there have been more random bans recently. I wonder how is It possible for people playing for years to still find hard to believe some people are just way better than the average.
    (Check facebook pages and this shoutbox for recent ban events.

  665. @Fred now its like auto ban just as i join server with my nick some idiot just call vote to ban and the rest follow :S though its the only server with players when i log in

  666. The server info say MRSA Admins join on Saturdays. you may want to try to contact them.

  667. Hey a long time I haven’t played FEAR Combat and wanted to rejoin I miss this game and also you guys 😉 but I do have some trouble here, I have it in steam, still have my cd key file, put every IP servers in my favourite but cannot show any infos, and say on every server that it is running in a different version. Any advices or ideas ? Thanks in advance 🙂

  668. Nevermind I’ve solved the problem I just had to use the FEAR launcher, I will be in position see you guys 😉

  669. hola como poner fear en español pls

  670. hola como poner fear en español

  671. would like to be accepted back into MXT CTF idk why ive been banned in first place

  672. I would like to be allowed back into the MXT CTF idk why ive been banned in the first place

  673. I already checked your issue.

  674. Hey
    I went back to the game after 10 years.
    This is a stupid gripe of mine, but can you disable Toggle aim?

    Toggle aim is always on, and there is no option to disable it, unless im stupid and blind?

    This is a simple pc fps option, why is it not in the game?

  675. Hey
    I went back to the game after 10 years.
    This is a stupid gripe of mine, but can you disable Toggle aim?

    Toggle aim is always on, and there is no option to disable it, unless im stupid and blind?

  676. Heya suche die optimalen Einstellungen im Client Setting,z.b Bildschirm Bandbreite lag ausschalten usw habe vor cirka 4jahren aufgehöhrt zu zocken bin jetzt aber wieder dran in fear hehe aber alles vergessen gruss

  677. Amon: The key to enable It Is usually Shift. IF you don’t have IT assigned, you may need to do It manually. Once you have It configured, just press It again. The aim in FEAR Combat is manual only, there’s not a toggle option for It.

  678. i have been banned from kgb server, and i don’t know why. i’m relatively new player, i haven’t used any cheats, or insult other players.

  679. Interfector:nothing special, u just pissed off some of thier silly admins(probable cause:killing them)

  680. but how i can get unbanned? any contacts with kgb admins?

  681. And we’re back! (finally)

  682. I ran a test, and activiation e-mails seem to be going out pretty quickly now. Please let me know if anyone still has issues with this

  683. Those who had redirects in the old FEAR-Community.org hosting, please contact us for instructions ^_^

  684. I am playing the game on WIndows 8.1 and for whatever reason, it lags after 5 or 10 minutes in game, anyone have a fix for this?

  685. Is this a FPS Drop? How much fps do you get at first and how much after?

  686. @Rayman: sounds like Logitech HID bug. Try disabling all HID devices under Device Manager

  687. It is also caused by FPS drops too. At first it’s average frame rate was 120. The lowest being 60 and the highest being 240. Now it runs at 30 or lower on all occasions. So it is a FPS drop and a HID compliant device bug on my Windows 8.1 computer.

  688. @Rayman: this bug has existed ever since FEAR was released, and it will likely never be resolved unless they release the full engine code. The only solution is to disable HID devices.

  689. Social login for Google and FB should be fixed now

  690. Big thanks to @=|N°1|=Dr.Sined for the donation!! 🙂

  691. Torrent added! 🙂

  692. clan leaders/members, please leave a message if you want me to add a link to your clan site

  693. To join the TeamSpeak server, click the button below this sidebar! (IP Fixed).

  694. Something wrong with the site? The downloads are really slow! used to be quick. I’m getting like 200kbps. where as I’m used to 1.5mbits on this site

  695. @Shrimp Oglum: There are currently 2 mirrors, so maybe give it another try and see if the results change. Also, if anyone wants to donate a mirror, that would be appreciated! 😉

  696. Thanks to |TGS|pit008 for the generous donation!

  697. Who is charlie admin on mxt? Muted me for nothing. Unmute, pls [AgentProvocatr]

  698. Bonjour

    j’ai essayé de mettre mon fera en fr mais pas moyen message d’erreur du tout r””instalé pouvez vous m’aider voir me joindre sur mon skype . fredericfabrice


    je souhaiterai egalement que mon serveur soit inscris avec tout les autres Merci a tous !

    Bon jeu


  699. Mute is removed as soon as you leave the server. About who this moderator is, I don’t know, but I’ll find out ^_^
    BTW I kinda knew It was you 😛 ggs.

  700. Bsr j’ai un msg d erreur queyring serveur puis failed connect master the server pouvez vous me dire que faire Merci

  701. Bonjour a tous ! les FEARIENS E FEARIENNES

    Une question comment creer un clan ? svp soyez précis Merci

    vous pouvez me contacter sur skype = fredericfabrice

    Merci a tous !

  702. Hello, why I cant launch the game? I launch him but nothing happen.

  703. Hello!

    how to create a clan of fear?

    thank you

    much has you!

  704. Eq. Not even error messages?
    @ufo: just ask players to join 🙂 There’s not an official clan system, so anyone can create one!

  705. Bonjour

    comment fait on pour ajouter des BOTS en Multi ? si oui pouvez vous me dire le code a écrire dans la console . Merci .

  706. FEAR clan Liens :


  707. e-mail notifications / registration e-mails should be fixed now!

  708. guys is there a new radio mod? because I have been hearing a lot of different speech and sound lately can someone tell me where I can grab one?

  709. Hey Havoc , yea it is. I will send You this radio mod but on Saturday evening because I’m not at home since week (btw I got your email, sorry I didn’t answer but there is so much to write on mobile phone so let me do it ttomorrow)

  710. no problem dankos its good to hear from you again thanks for the help your always there when someone needs help

  711. how can i get the new radio mod?

  712. Leave Your email please

  713. Hey, guys! Sorry to say this but MXT Lag Free server is the laggiest server I ever played on)) Are there some temporary issues or it is gonna stay like this? 🙁

  714. meu cd key veio menos menos numeros oq faço p ativar??/

  715. That’s an interesting twist; has been working great. for the first time my ping is usually below 50; also, people from around the world even south america and europe kill much much faster. Maybe that’s the complain?

  716. Hi, Fred! haha ofc this is not the complain! I actually have an opposite complain – % of good players is decreasing on MXT server. Even those who used to play well now play shittier. Maybe I’m just a diff lvl now, idk)) Still surprised Im the only one noticing the problem.

  717. Now this explains why some players(those who have less than 130 ping) say that I’m using speedhax 😀

  718. to FRED:ban suggerstion for most annoying player on mxt server= thc killer (square sign etc.), always isnulting other players,literally alwaysaccusing of hax and trying to kick via team kick….real asshole

  719. i agree with Zenut….

  720. Hi. I banned Killer a couple days ago. Let me know If he’s back. About the lag thing, @Chosen_One I know some players are really low level; we have about 8 full new players with less than 10 years old trying to improve 😛
    Now maybe this is a network issue; I just noticed my ping is unusually high, but is not the server Itself, but a nearby network connection increasing my ping by about 110 ms; I think something like that must be happening to you too :/

  721. With all due respect HAVOC, nice You are admin but please don’t change map to previous only becasue You like ua!! I love it too but come on, then really some people leave from the server…there is a vote, stop using admin control to change map whenever You wanna please

  722. registration/activation/password reset e-mails should be working again

  723. yeah I typed in the wrong number because we played a map twice just before burly brawl that was a honest mistake by me I wanted to put in troll house one we never played no one was voting sorry again

  724. aki só aparece 2 servidores?

  725. Maybe you have some filters enabled?

  726. That what’s makes Game more fun lag makes you better player I know From xbox my ping was really bad but still came out better

  727. Why Steve Ban me ?

  728. Why Steve Ban me .

  729. Hi popeye. Steve msged me you were accidentally banned, but he couldn’t find you in the ban list, because you use special characters in your name and they break the banlist. I’ll try to guess your GUID to unban you. Please try again.

  730. ok.tnx.i try but not work.maybe later


  732. hi all… i’m back

  733. not works.banned

  734. send me a private message. I don’t see you trying to connect.

  735. What was your ingame name? (Also, please don’t use special characters when joining, so I can see you easily in the log).

  736. «Popeye»™ before.now Pop

  737. Should be fixed; check private messages for tech details of the issue.

  738. Qué hay Chronos. La contraseña de MXT PRivate es FEAR 😛 (Y también la de algún otro server cercano 😛 )

  739. Gracias Fred

  740. please the code validation of the f.e.a.r combat

  741. Você não precisa mais.

  742. If you need another account and have issues with the registering process use the contact form and we can check It ^_^

  743. having error issues “cannot join game server is a different version ()

  744. Boo!!! =)

  745. Rom :*

  746. Stephen, sounds like a firewall issue. Add the server to favourites and click It before doubleclicking It.

  747. can someone help me I cant load the server list gives me an error () this is a different version I turned off the fire wall and I allowed it through but still having the issue help?

  748. Heyyy now some months server list in site not load pls fix it gods!

  749. Heyyy now some months server list in site not load pls fix it gods! But why not load??

  750. server list fixed. WP 4.3 broke it. also added a filter to strip out all of those servers with servername=NULL

  751. fixed broken download links

  752. For a full list of scmd commands, please check this:

  753. It is no wonder, that not many players here, because … torrent file are corrupt, and create an account problem because captcha errors … you must work on it, thx

  754. That’s new. We will check the torrent. Also what problems did you have with captcha?

  755. A CTF Tournament is imminent…

  756. Removed the Server list for now. Looks like It’s not loading in the page Ingame functionality works fine).

  757. Sorry to say this…its really not intended towards anyone in question.After umpteen years I have decided to retire FEAR.Having some problems with it as well (Crashes) after querying)Tried to break Phreeze’s hold on some files lol.I dont want to disappointment anyone by my actions,its easier said than done I guess.I hope you all enjoyed FEAR I know I have as well as all the editions published and I do hope the current players enjoy it as much as I have.If I could get it to work I may atleast refree or compete in the tourny one last time.

  758. raz123 aka Andre why dont u reply to my messages or Safoda’s? Ja podias dizer o porque de desapareceres sem dizer nada a nos!

  759. Hi guys ! How are you i have years to talk or play the game … what news?? I see i guys have make a tournament! I home page !!
    Can i join and play in tour??
    And ee
    I get mastercard credit ! I wanna donate u guys ! Can i?

  760. I am back and download the game!!! But i can play it only with lancher!
    When i press find server in game game crash and i cant make find servers for ingame! Only with lancher!

  761. Wow the game close now 10 years! !!! Happy birthday F.E.A.R Combat my loved best game !
    Guys game is now 10 years old?? Can we go it 20 years?? Live ?? Without stoping it??

  762. Fred.cpp??? I will donate!! But if i donate i want pls to write my name in ur server mxt when maps loading in rules!!! Ok???

  763. =GR=Gianni$ Welcome back 🙂 Good move 🙂

  764. =GR=Gianni$ that’s a MXT related thing, please send me a msg ^_^

  765. registration & password reset e-mails should be working again

  766. I think people still could join the tournament; there are 9 teams registered and we are about to close registrations!

  767. Jesús Mateos Sánchez

    Hello.i Have a problem in the execution of the game

  768. Hola Jesús. Qué problema tienes?
    Puedes escribir en la sección de problemas del foro (Incluso la hay en español).

  769. Here’s my server IP : Port : 27888

    Go to Forum/Community and look for my post you can go directly on the server Facebook page & have some info of the server

  770. Start the installation of games after a while we put out “of this archive corrupted” a couple of times I took over the game from the same site again and again out

  771. e-mail notifications should be working again, and I resent the e-mails that failed in the last 1-2 days

  772. Someone here?

  773. (._.)/

  774. does anyone know how to setup bots in FEAR 1

  775. You mean, when making a map?

  776. When Im 5 minutes in the game it starts stuttering badly, before its running totally fluently. How comes that?

  777. Sounds a lot like the HID Bug.

  778. Yeah disable all HID Compliant devices in the Device Manager

  779. Well i cant find anyone on at all from all the servers. Unless i have to download something els besides just the game ?

  780. I cant find any Players on at all am i missing something or is it just no one is on at all ?

  781. New to this game, stumbled upon it by chance.. Any South Africans here ? Amped to jam. 😀

  782. Hi, Another thing. The Wiki has one page that doesnt have much on the game ? like a wiki normally does.. why is this! I mean can community members start updating it if so I’d love to make pages regarding what I’ve learnt and gathered from this game.

  783. Does anyone have a copy of FEAR RETAIL? My original DVD isn’t happy. TIA


  784. I don’t have the original game, but have I on steam. I think that’s one of the best options nowadays.

    About the Wiki, what Wiki did you check?
    I currently have a Link to this page in Wikia .

  785. Heya Desperation, Just joined : )

  786. Damn. Tried to install but DX error. 🙁

  787. What Error?

  788. downloaded torrent, installed .exe, but in multiplayer tab i see no servers

  789. This can happen for several reasons, but It usually is because the firewall is blocking the game from connecting to the web. Try checking your firewall and antivirus settings. IF the problem persists, reinstall using the repair option.

  790. я хочу узнать как мне найти свою карту в FEAR Public Tools v2 Folder все перепробывал

  791. Марсель Алномани

    Anyone there?

  792. Hi Guys. Check your comment, we sent a repply.

  793. codigo de activacion!! place

  794. Tu CDKey está en la sección amarilla hasta arriba de esta barra lateral.

  795. action code!!!

  796. gracias!!

  797. disculpa en la instalacion pe pide un codigo que son 5 lugares y solo veo 4 grupos en el que ustedes me dan

  798. Eso debe ser porque estás usando un instalador antiguo. Puedes usar ésta: LER7-BAB6-JYX5-BYX6-6324
    Pero para poder jugar online, tendrás que usar la nueva (y actualizar tu juego). Si es el juego completo, sin multijugador, deberá funcionar sin problemas.

  799. salve come faccio a giocare?

  800. Hi I download client when i start fear.exe nothing appear

  801. Hi I download client when i start fear.exe whyy nothing appear

  802. Downloaded the Full Game? Or the Client Update?

  803. Hi,Fred, had the same problem

  804. The full game

  805. Hey, why did you cuty the balls off of the asp rifle by making it reload after egery shot???

  806. Hey, why did you cut the balls off of the asp rifle by making it reload after every shot???

  807. That’s a MXT Related Question. The reason is to try to balance the excesive use of ASP for camping. It’s pretty annoying.
    To compensate that, UA was also nerfed a bit.

  808. How to add a costum maps on my fear sever on Lan

  809. heey Rawmantica <3

  810. And how must i answer? (.)(.)

  811. hahaha what are those? :O lol!

  812. Hello, the Language tool it’s not working

  813. Yeah. It has been deprecated. Try the multilingual installer:

  814. Hi Fred,
    The server is very lag today, reload it please

  815. I did a moments ago, please try again.

  816. So Who is running a server named FEAR Combat Community?

  817. Hi. Why admins ban me evry time i play????????? 4 nothing…

  818. this community is the best!! ty for the admins that do a good job

  819. Well MASTERRR, that depends on the server you play. Ask the admins for a reason.
    lol afa123, the admins are lazy as hell. Don’t get confused 😛

  820. Hi Fred.Why someone banned me on mxt serwer two times today FOR NOTHING my nick Tony Montana pls fix the problem

  821. @gallanonim are you still banned?

  822. Yes fred banned

  823. Let me check

  824. Should be fine now. Let us know.

  825. why does it take so long to download

  826. Boo! heeey =)

  827. Hey @romantika, did you read my message? ^_^

  828. Hey guys! Little problem here. One player keeps kicking me from MXT server. He does it immediately after a new map when not all players joined, so few votes is enough to kick. And some ppl dont even look what they are voting for. Not a big deal but sometimes it is too annoying. Curently he logs in as Alien.

  829. FEARS motto…if it moves shoot it!

  830. Are you using your regular name ingame?

  831. No. I am using non-regular name. Stylish

  832. Big thanks to Crazybomber for the generous donation! Your support really does help keep FEAR alive.

  833. FEAR FACT: A frag a day keeps the doctor away.

  834. HEY I’ve done a new account because I do not remember the old nickname and password some admin or moderator kicked me from the serwer today for no reason whyyy?

  835. and of course my name and ALIEN

  836. Hello World!

  837. site not give more cdkeys wtf???????

  838. this is your cdkey dont shows nothing wtf /?cdkeys ?/ not give more? u need update it moderator

  839. not gives cdkeys anymore wtf?

  840. i need a cdkey
    and not gives now at this is ur cdkey not show nothing

  841. phreeze what happend and site not gives cdkeys ????

  842. pvr10119@euaqa.com

    we dont have cdkeys

  843. There’s a problem at this moment, with new users getting an empty CKey. This will be Fixed as soon as possible. once IT’s fixed you will get a notification.

  844. no key display [NRW]4BeNT

  845. [NRW]4BeNT is Back!! this timw without Key Display. Hoping to meet you guys soon

  846. i installed from a holland site and used this key : NYN7-MAB2-WEP3-ZYF3-7645 ; (Although it directed me to this site for a NEW KEY). My problem is joining a server which im working on. 3 server are there but they are empty. Will see you guys very soon.

  847. Download fear combat v2.01 SEC2 update and extract to C:\Program Files\HollAnd™\FREEFIRE . Launch Freefire Application (In the folder). It works for me see u ingame!

  848. failed!! still need a key from this site! well ive got it installed but cant join a room out of 20 or so. Cd Key Error!i guess its from the SEC2 update cus it totally changed the start up menu after update.

  849. As we said, there’s currently a problem. It will be fixed, please be patient.

  850. I already loggt in but i dont see any cd-key

  851. As we said in the latest news and in this ShoutBox (before It was spammed out), there’s a problem at this moment. I’d like to tell you all when It will be fixed, but I can’t, because Only Phreeze can, but I’m sure he will get It fixed as soon as possible. Meanwhile please be patient. You can be sure we are not ignoring It.

  852. Please check if the key issue is now resolved.

  853. all keys should be appearing now, and also an e-mail will now be sent after account activation with the key

  854. It’s working :3

  855. i cant join any server, why?

  856. What you mean by “Joining”?

  857. It says that i have an invalid CD-key, but i’ve entered it in installer correctly.

  858. The best wayto get It right Is to copy/paste It. Verify you are not adding spaces at the end or missing characters at the beginning.

  859. Why the hell did you remove the asp rifle from the weapons list? Ive been playing for over 8 years, I’m 63 years old and I think its unfair as hell. Its not even fun for me to play anymore!! Please put it back!!!

  860. Unfortunately, i can play only on one server named “AU DM”. I have there ping about 500-600 and that is kind of strange gameplay. So, when i try to connect to other servers, it says that i have an invalid CD-key. What can i do with this? I can’t really understand. The key is totally correct, i’ve rewritten it six-seven times.

  861. Hay velocity.
    This is a MXT related thing. The MXT CTF Server makes changes sometimes, like enabling super weapons and stuff. This week we disabled ASP, IT will be back this sunday.

  862. @Roman: please try now; there was an issue with the new batch of keys due to trailing return character when computing MD5 hash. It’s fixed now

  863. Ok Fred, I had hoped it was something like that. Thanks for answering and thanks for keeping fear alive.

  864. What time zone are you in?

  865. Its sunday and still no asp rifle, whats up?

  866. Sorry, I usually wait to have few players for restarts; so It was restarted late night.

  867. te mande msj .

  868. hey guys ^_^

  869. german peaople ?

  870. Help me adjust my server in the config.

    Where can I set these values?:

    1. If I fall off somewhere and suffer damage ? ( Case of damage )

    2. jump height

  871. Player Speed]









    Player Fall Damage Settings]


  872. As far as we know, that works 😛

  873. My fear error :C

  874. Sec. 2 me da error al inicio me sale esto..
    Firma con problemas:
    Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH
    Nombre de la aplicación: FEARMP.exe
    Versión de la aplicación:
    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 00000000
    Nombre del módulo con errores: FEARMP.exe
    Versión del módulo con errores:
    Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 00000000
    Código de excepción: c0000005
    Desplazamiento de excepción: 00245ac2
    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
    Id. de configuración regional: 2058
    Información adicional 1: 1663
    Información adicional 2: 1663b16486ee9ee2cff1b8b847570dd3
    Información adicional 3: 1fa1
    Información adicional 4: 1fa184418e2c4d8ecb37dca9b0da98e3

    Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad en línea:

    Si la declaración de privacidad en línea no está disponible, lea la declaración de privacidad sin conexión:

  875. Moin Moin

  876. help! my CD key for fear combat is invalid?

  877. For the new Installer, you need the CDKey you get on this page. If you are using an old installer, you need to use an old CDKey, but to play you need both upgrade your game and your CKey.

  878. cant get new key for email addresses that are associated with old keys that dont work anymore

  879. Why does your old CDKey not work?

  880. F.E.A.R. FTW!!!!

  881. an issue that was preventing activation & password reset e-mails from being sent to some users has now been fixed

  882. how to create an server online??

  883. Pues, como siempre, en la opción host del juego. Si el problema es que no aparece en la lista de multiplayers, seguramente es porque requieres un port Forward en tu router.

  884. quiero hacer un server online por favor como lo hago?

  885. como pongo bots en mi server??

  886. Hola vic. Los bots vienen con los mapas. Es decir, si un mapa no tiene bots, no los puedes agregar tan fácil (básicamente hay que volver a hacer el mapa). Así que generalmente mas bien seleccionas los mapas ya con los bots.

  887. Muchas gracias por la informacion, pero me crea otra jajaja, donde puedo conseguirlos.



  890. There was a vote on making the free asp week. Most players support this idea, they can finally enjoy the game without enemies which camps with asp. In my opinion abusing ASP makes people unwanted to play so make free asp week every now and then is perfect idea, we can rest of this shit. Greetings

  891. I am really sorry that you take IT like this. unfortunally ASP makes some good maps unplayable. Of course It Is harder without ASP, but we all deal with It. Don’t worry, in a couple days It will be back to normal.

  892. Well I and many others feel the assault rifle has too much killing power attached to it andfeel that it detracts from the game.

  893. Is not the weapon…
    and I don’t think there’s something wrong with ASP, It Is the camper’s fault.


  895. Bueno, nunca se ha ido. Checa la sección about: http://fear-community.org/about/

  896. Setting campers on fire (after x seconds) would be a great balance to the ASP


  898. The reason I haven’t enabled It is because of comments like this one. No one except 5 people want ASP. The server has been fine without It.
    Comments like this make the rest think we should have removed It from long time ago and never enabled It again. gn.

  899. BTW That is a MXT CTF Server related issue, comment here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mxtctf/


  901. Well, we enabled It again (some days ago). But people doesn’t like It.

  902. I am really sorry because we discussed In the past about It in the past, and we had a good communication status; but the overall community feel about It is clear: players don’t like It. Please consider using Penetrator or something else for a while. You may find It fun.

  903. so this asp problem is it that big of a deal that velocity is raging? is it to overpowered on =MXT= server

  904. is it really a a big deal that velocity is raging about it is that gun to overpowered or people just get mad that they keep dying constantly because of this gun?

  905. ASP this, ASP that, lol. Is it too much to ASP just to have fun in F.E.A.R.


  907. This is a FEAR Combat general site. For MXT related issues please refer to https://www.facebook.com/groups/mxtctf/ of my email fred.cpp@ gmail.com