FEAR Launcher 1.3 Updated to 1.4

The FEAR Launcher 1.4

The FEAR Launcher 1.4

Here is the latest update for the FEAR Launcher. If you had problems in the past, download this update that will (I hope) Fix most of the known issues.

Update: 1.4 released


  • Run and play! You no longer need to manually copy It to the Game Directory, automatically will try to locate the FEARMP.exe file and copy to the proper location. Supports scenarios where you have several versions installed, FEAR, Steam FEAR, FEAR Combat, Portable versions, and will allow you to select the one you want to use.
  • Now can run without the Multi-language support (Languages Directory). If you don’t copy the Languages Folder, It will disable all multi-language options.
  • Auto creates a short-cut on desktop for easy access.
  • Restored all Server list functionality, including online players, map and password protection.
  • Server List now shows the progress of the servers scanned.
  • Fixed Incompatibility with the upcoming FEAR Update.

Known Bugs:

  • If you already have a Short-cut, It won’t be replaced. You can use a launcher for FEAR and other for FEAR Combat, but If you created one, It won’t create another.

Extra notes:

  • It will overwrite existing copies of the Launcher when automatically moving to the Game Directory.
  • When you paste your SEC2 Key, verify you didn’t add extra white spaces in the end of It (The Launcher colour will turn red, remove the extra spaces and It should go back to green/blue).
  • When using a SEC2 Key, It will only list SEC2 Servers.
  • The Servers info is real-time, but the list Itself isn’t. If you don’t see your server listed, contact us (Sorry for doing this again, we keep the list updated manually until the next SEC2 update that will automatically list servers).


Download FEAR Launcher 1.4




Comment here or use the contact section.

Update (2013/Jan/04)

Fixed small bug with missing Languages directory, some empty strings in the GUI.


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  1. Wish I kept the error log — but I received a .NET error the first time when trying to run this after replacing the old launcher in my FEAR folder. It disappeared the second time I ran it. Maybe it was some code that was set to run only once (perhaps the shortcut cut or something). Windows 8, btw.

  2. Oh I see. To be honest I didn’t test with windows 8, maybe I should have but I deleted my win8 partition, didn’t like It that much 😛
    But you gave me more ideas about what to do next ^_^ Thanks 😀

  3. I got “Error: Verify your Internet connection.Input string was not in correct format.”. Windows XP. I was getting a different error before but I can’t recreate it. Just got it trying to download the other languages “Unhandled exceptions has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will close immediately. WebClient does not support concurrent I/O operations.” after a few more goes downloaded the languages and it’s now loading the server list

  4. hi chaps
    my fear launcher wont allow me to update from version 120120404 to 120121206..it keeps saying
    script error ..any ideas as to why?

  5. As the help section say, you get that error because you aren’t running It as administrator.
    If you don’t have admin access, you can’t download languages this way, because the Launcher needs read/write access to the game folder.

  6. Can you add a ping column to the server list?

  7. Yes and no.
    Yes because It’s actually possible now, but no because I’d need too much changes and I don’t think It’s worth atm, since looks like we will restore the ingame server list feature, that will Include It.

  8. Norton 360 gives a virus warning :o)
    I know its not,but just saying..

  9. Well, the messages I added say exactly the action the launcher will perform:
    1) Check if the directory where the file is is the same than The Game exe.
    2) If not, try to find the exe in the stock location.
    3) If no suitable location is found, scan program files folder to try to find It.
    4) Copy to the suggested location.
    5) If It fails, then It just doesn’t copy anything.

    My av. ESET 4.x also warns me about a file being copied, but well, the description is the same than the one the program uses.

    Anyway I’m working on a startup wizzard to make the process more descriptive.

  10. Good job dude u are just awesome 😀
    from Greece :))

  11. Something is wrong with loader. Today didnt search servers.

  12. looks like the master server is down, we will check It asap.

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