FEAR community TeamSpeak 3 server is BACK AGAIN!

The FEAR Community is extremely happy to inform everyone that the Community TS3 Server is back up and running!

Special thanks to WIZARD 🙂 for providing the TS3 server for the community to use while playing FEAR.

Thanks Bro!



read more for instructions 🙂




  1. Download the TeamSpeak client from the official website www.teamspeak.com

    Click “Run” on the “File Download” dialog screen.

  2. Click “Next” on the “Welcome to the TeamSpeak Client Setup Wizard.

    Press “I Agree” on the “License Agreement” dialog.

    Click “Next” on the “Client Setup” screen.

    Press “Install.” TS3 will now install. When finished, you will have an icon on your desktop.

    Double-click the “TeamSpeak” client icon on your desktop.

  3. Click “Settings” and then “Options.”
  4. Select “Capture” on the left side.
  5. Select your preferred method of voice capture. “Push-To-Talk” means that you must push a button in order for everyone to hear you. Most servers prefer this, because it prevents your microphone from constantly causing chatter in the room. “Voice Activation Detection” will attempt to only activate your microphone when the volume is detected as being from your voice.
  6. Press “Apply” and then “OK.”
  7. Click “Connections” and then “Connect.”
  8. Type the address in the “Address” field. Create a nickname in the “Nickname” field.
  9. Press “Connect.” and that’s it!


Updated: November 26, 2014 — 2:13 am

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